Phoenix Water Customers Won't See Rate Hike in Water or Sewer Services in 2014

kiranghanta via Flickr
Phoenix is planning to maintain the same water and sewer rates for single-family homes in 2014.

It marks the second year that the Water Services Department is not proposing a rate hike for Phoenix homes.

City officials report that the average single-family residential water bill will remain at $37.75 per month, and the average residential sewer bill will remain at $20.71 per month.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton gave credit to water services employees for "a remarkable job managing our water and sewer systems."

Vice Mayor Bill Gates, chairman of the Finance, Efficiency and Economy Subcommittee, said in a press release that being able to provide the "essential" services, such as water and trash collection with good service and no increase in costs "is a testament to the way Phoenix does business."

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