Phoenix Employees Raise More Than $1 Million for Local Chairities

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asenat29 via Flickr
Phoenix employees are a generous people.

As has become their annual tradition, city workers have raised more than $1 million for the city's annual Community Service Fund Drive through payroll pledges and fund-raisers -- money that will benefit various Valley charities, including Valley of the Sun United Way.

In addition to the money, they also donated 2,710 pounds of food and collected several hundred blankets, coats and other items.

The food will be distributed to Phoenix families and food banks, while the winter items will support the Phoenix Human Services Department's Winter Respite program, which assists the homeless during the cold weather.

City officials report that employees have raised more than $22 million for the Community Service Fund Drive since 1980.

The fund drive began this year on September 12, and the goal was to raise $1 million. Workers exceeded the goal by raising $1,040,684

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yourproductsucks2 topcommenter

charities, silly, yaqui... it's spelled charities...

Steve Palermo
Steve Palermo

I have to applaud my employer in making donating as easy as possible. Hopefully these resources reach the folks that need help.

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