10 Reasons Phoenix Is the Best Place to Celebrate Christmas

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Kevin Dooley via Flickr

If you're in Phoenix right now (and you celebrate Christmas), we've got some reasons why your're lucky.

Check out our 10 reasons why Phoenix is the best place to celebrate Christmas:

10.) The weather usually isn't gross

Paula Henry via Flickr
"Winter" in the Desert Botanical Garden.
Instead of wearing 30 layers of insulation like you might wear in other parts of the country, the biggest Christmas clothing decision in Phoenix usually is, do I really need to wear a sweatshirt?

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Pretty thin, especially #1 where the seasonal gloating quickly melts during the scorching days of May through October. 

Bruce Salvage
Bruce Salvage

You're kidding right? New York is and always will be #1 for the holidays

Ariel Motz
Ariel Motz

Is a high of 71 degrees, clear skies and sunny not a good enough reason?

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