Mark Krikorian, Bishop Nevares, Others Engage in "Oxford-Style" Debate on Immigration at Rio Salado CC Saturday

Watch Penn and Teller eviscerate Krikorian, accused pedophile Chris Simcox and others in this old edition of P&T's cable show, which is devoted to immigration

The list of panelists also includes:

Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies
Alex Nowrasteh, Cato Institute
Clint Bolick, Goldwater Institute
Derrick Morgan, Heritage Foundation
Eddie Aldrete, International Commerce Bank
David Selden, Cavanagh Law Firm
Dr. Raul Hinojosa, UCLA
Brent Wilkes, LULAC
Jan Ting, Temple University
Mickey Kaus, The Daily Caller

The moderators are Brahm Resnik of Channel 12, former Univision anchor Mary Ragabo,
and James Garcia of the Real Arizona Coalition.

You have to pre-register, and today's the last day for that. So get on it, if you want to attend, as space is limited to 200 souls. The cost is $10. Which includes parking.

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Remember Republicans ,we will remember who stood for Immigration reform and who did not come election time ...

robert_graham topcommenter

If you want to hear the real truth about immigration, call (602) 926-2873 and listen to the recordings.  You might actually learn something.


The Southern Poverty Law Center - an unbiased, agenda-free purely objective organization if ever there was one. 

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