Florence Cops Failed a Victim of Alleged Rape While Ohio Pursues Justice in Similar Case

Illustrations by Brian Stauffer
Florence Exposed: Our three-part series on law enforcement, or the lack thereof, in the Pinal County prison town.

Imagine the horrific scenario.

Members of a football team in a small community are involved in the alleged rape of a 16-year-old high school girl at an alcohol-drenched party.

The intoxicated victim can't remember anything, but her attack is captured on video by other students with cell phones.

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Adults involved in the aftermath are accused of obstructing justice and tampering with evidence.

This is the story line playing out in Steubenville, Ohio. And it's eerily similar to a 2007 case in Florence, Arizona.

The Arizona case also involves a 16-year-old girl, underage drinking, sex, and cell-phone video of the incident. And at least one adult hampers the investigation of the alleged rape.

There is, however, one significant exception.

In Steubenville, the players seen on video attacking the girl were charged, convicted, and sentenced for their role in the rape. And just last week, the adults who are accused of obstructing justice in the case were charged by a grand jury.

This wasn't the case for the 16-year-old cheerleader in Florence.

Her attacker or attackers were given a pass -- never arrested or charged. Her case never saw the inside of a courtroom. And the adults who failed this young woman also remain unscathed.

Florence Police Lieutenant Terry Tryon, whose son was also on the football team at the time of the attack and helped transport the victim to the town police station, injected himself into the emotionally charged case. Officer Tryon ordered the cell phones with the evidence of the incident returned to their owners before the lead detective could secure a search warrant.

The Florence case fell apart.

A stark contrast to what's happening in Steubenville.

The Ohio Attorney General convened a grand jury to hold accountable the adults who he believes lied or failed to report the incident to authorities, according to a story by the Associated Press.

The news organization reports the school's superintendent, two coaches, and an elementary school principal have been accused of "lying or failing to report possible child abuse" by a grand jury.

Read about how Florence police handled the alleged rape in Florence Exposed, a New Times' three-part investigative series that exposes how the FPD's culture of political favoritism undermined serious criminal investigations and compromised public safety.

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I have a teenage son, his phone has no image transfer capacity even though it has camera built in, long ago I decided to protect him from his hormones, raging in him and these gals whom are equally guilty of these incidents, getting drunk till one is unconscious, in a stupor with other drunken teenagers is a recipe for disaster, and the lesbians, man haters who think its all a man guilt thing is amusing, I pity the male children of these women who seem to think girls/women can do no wrong! Visit a women's prison sometime, see who is there, women and read their criminal records most are in jail/prison for "crimes against the very flesh and blood" they bore from their wombs! I thank god I had no mother like this, my mother was a saint, she had three boys, finally got the daughter by proxy via a granddaughter but she never ever displayed a man hating attitude even though my dad was a womanizer, abuser of her, she was one decent Christian lady who god rest her soul won her ticket to heaven in my book by loving me and my two brothers selflessly! I do not know any solution for rape, sexual impurity, impulsivity which teens have, hopefully if one has sons or daughters or both the parents can guide them through this trying time every teen goes through!


the attitude of the people in charge is"this here's arizonee,take it up the ass and shut up about it you pansy liberal!"

the moral is victims are = to liberals in their eyes

Cozz topcommenter

....and it suprises you that Arizona doesn't care about rapes, child molesters or uninvetigated abuse crimes on children ?

You should know by now that is the Arizona way.


@enigma9000aaif i uderstand what your saying it sounds like your blaming the victom if im reading what your said right that is messed up im sorry if i misunderstood what you said im autistic with a 76 IQ


@enigma9000aa if you are a lawyer,you can get drunk and kill and get !0 days in tent city.

if you steal from the rich you get 35 years.

you must be one of their schills



Wow your man must have done you without grease since all that anger and innuendo of some deviant sex is amusing!:-)



I do not think it is Arizona it might be folks like Arpaio and his ilk who just happen to have power now who deem what is investigated and what is not! I think Arizona is a wonderful place, one can find rape, robbery and murder etc. in any city or state in country as well as the world!:-)

Cozz topcommenter

That may be the case, but Arpaio, Montgomery, Brewer and those that vote for these slimeballs are as morally bankrupt as it gets.

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