Tempe Teenagers Arrested in Alleged Plot to Kill Grandma, After Kid Leaves Facebook Page Open

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A 15-year-old boy and 17-year-old girl in Tempe were arrested yesterday in an alleged plot to kill the boy's grandmother.

The grandmother wasn't harmed, as police were notified of the alleged plot when the 15-year-old left his Facebook account open on a computer, and someone found discussions regarding the plot.

Tempe Police Sergeant Michael Pooley says the 15-year-old wanted his grandmother killed, and his 17-year-old friend "continued to tell him that she could have her killed."

"They desired to make it look like an accident," Pooley says in a statement.

The case seems fairly similar to the case involving 20-year-old Mesa resident Devin Almejo.

Almejo was arrested last month after allegedly making a Craigslist posting saying he was looking for a gun to kill his grandfather.

Almejo ended up meeting with an undercover officer in a grocery-store parking lot, and once there, the cop offered to kill Almejo's grandfather for him, according to court documents.

The officer told Almejo that it was fine if he just wanted to walk away and forget that whole conversation ever happened. According to the officer's probable-cause statement, he gave Almejo three opportunities to walk away from the situation.

Each time, Almejo said he "was good with the murder," according to the probable-cause statement.

Almejo offered an iPad, iPod, and a year's worth of free haircuts from himself as payment for the murder, according to court documents.

In this Tempe case, police interviewed the 15-year-old boy after the Facebook conversations were passed on to police.

Pooley says the boy told police "he wanted his grandmother dead because he was tired of being in trouble and disciplined by her."

Both the boy and the girl were arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit murder. Neither of their names were released by police.

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And where are the parents in all this ?, why weren't they raising their demon spawn offspring instead of shunting him off to poor Granma

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

It's just like those two clowns who bragged about killing Alex Urbina and that other idiot who wanted to kill grandpa. Criminals love to talk about their crimes, executed or not. That's a major reason why they get caught. Just additional confirmation that crooks are such stupid fucks.

66rock topcommenter

How stupid do you have to be to discuss any crime on FaceBook,yet murder!  And age has little to do with it either, a  ten or twelve year old would know better.  Hope these two kids get the help they need before it gets worse.


..."he wanted his grandmother dead because he was tired of being in trouble and disciplined by her."  -  Yeah...there won't be any of THAT crap, where he'll be going.


Looks like lumps of coal for these two this year.

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