Child Protective Services Community Forum Tonight in Phoenix

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The state legislators who serve on the Child Protective Services Oversight Committee will take suggestions from the public tonight at a forum in Phoenix.

The Children's Action Alliance and about a dozen other groups are hosting the forum, which is billed as an opportunity "for community members to share suggestions and ideas for protecting children from abuse and neglect."

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Before a few weeks ago, when it was revealed that 6,000 allegations to the CPS hotline weren't investigated, CPS still wasn't a well-oiled machine.

Thanks to high load for caseworkers, the Children's Action Alliance already has been sounding off about 10,000 other cases that haven't seen action in months. With the discovery that another 6,000 hotline calls never got investigated at all, there's certainly been an increase in attention toward the shortcomings at CPS.

According to an advertisement for tonight's forum -- which runs from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Memorial Hall, at Steele Indian School Park -- this isn't a chance to talk about individual cases.

Also, "The forum will not address past or current issues in the Department of Economic Security, but will focus only on ideas for the future."

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Nothing has really changed within DES/CPS.  The Governor's attempt to integrate law enforcement with case workers has backfired.  Law enforcement finds themselves at odds with case workers and supervisors who are more involved in covering up and protecting CPS workers who have always been the main cause of the problems.  There is a culture within CPS that makes every effort to maintain children with their parents, to keep families intact, to the detriment of the abused children.  Law enforcement officers have complained for years about the agency's inability to take care of abused and maltreated children.  A common term by CPS is that "it's just a life style issue" when confronted with children found at home with parents operating a met lab. 


Unless John Q Arizona grows a conscience all of a sudden and stops electing those with the same political affiliation and ideology as they always have, nothing will change and in another year or two, we'll be reading about another "Crises" at CPS.

If Republicans or conservative ideology was capable of, and cared enough to, fix these problems, wouldn't you think they'd have done it by now? They've had decades in power.


Nothing will ever improve until programs to treat drug- and alcohol-addicted parents become effective and people are encouraged to practice birth control.  More jobs would also help.  It's amazing how often having to get up in the morning to go to work stops people from overindulging in recreational activities. 


How about we start a petition for a recall of Gov. Brew-a-cup-o-bull today so we can get her out for the future?

Flyer9753 topcommenter

"Also, "The forum will not address past or current issues in the Department of Economic Security, but will focus only on ideas for the future."

So in essence this is nothing more than glad handing masturbation of the public by CPS...


66rock topcommenter

@sangrevale   She's termed out regardless if she admits it or not.  We should be able to start counting down the months, finally,  real soon.  Can't come too soon.

Flyer9753 topcommenter


She should be gone after this term anyways per our state constitution - a recall this late is pointless

Granted she is trying to do an end run around the constitution but it's going to fail.


@Flyer9753 CPS is not running this forum. The Children's Action Alliance is the main group that pushed for this forum!

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