Barry Jordan Sentenced to 23.5 Years in State Hospital for Killing Girl, 11, in Crash

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Destiny "Bean" Kimble, 11, was killed and her 25-year-old brother put in a coma after the mentally unstable Barry Jordan crashed into their car in 2011.
Barry Jordan, who killed an 11-year-old girl in a 2011 red-light crash in Phoenix, has been sentenced to 23 1/2 years in the state hospital.

Jordan also received a sentence on Monday of lifetime probation this week for a 2009 case in which he offered to pay a woman to have sex with her 6-year-old girl.

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In August, Jordan was found guilty but insane of second-degree murder and other charges stemming from the traffic collision that killed Destiny "Bean" Kimble and put her 25-year-old brother, Riley, in a coma. Their mother, Melia Shumaker, also was injured when Jordan barreled through a red light on February 19, 2011, and hit the family's Honda in the intersection of East Cactus Road and Paradise Village Parkway.

Barry Jordan
Witnesses had seen the Scottsdale man's pickup, which was towing a loaded cargo trailer, speeding through red lights and driving in opposing lanes at high speeds just minutes before the fatal collision.

When the truck came to a stop on a median after the crash, Jordan jumped out and began "yelling about Jesus and Satan." He ran into a parking lot and grabbed a woman before being restrained by man passing by.

In court, it was later determined that Jordan "was afflicted with a mental disease or defect of such severity that he did not know the criminal acts he committed were wrong," records show.

At the time of the crash, the former real estate agent already was under indictment in the 2009 case, which cops learned about after the girl's mother called police to report Jordan's offer of sex with her daughter. She'd met him online and they'd dated briefly.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office says the two cases were handled independently of one another. Jordan could have received as much as 35 years on the collision chase, in which he was charged with murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and two counts of endangerment.

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Vehicular homicide should be treated just like any other means of killing another human being. 23.5 years in ASH? Life without parole would have been the appropriate sentence.

shadeaux14 topcommenter


When you keep anybody locked up that long in a Psychiatric unit, especially a maximum security Psychiatric unit, institutionalism occurs and the chances of that person ever being stable enough for release are practically non existent.

I know this because, in the 90s, I was a supervisor on the forensic/behavior management unit at ASH.

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