Alex Madrid Accused of Murdering Mesa 14-Year-Old, Leaving Her Body in a Dumpster

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A convicted felon is accused of murdering a 14-year-old Claudia Ann Lucero, whose body was found in a Mesa dumpster on Friday.

Mesa police announced the arrest of 31-year-old Alex Madrid, an ex-boyfriend of Lucero's mother. Mesa Police Chief Frank Milstead said detectives believe Madrid sexually assaulted the girl and strangled her to death before leaving her in the dumpster.

Lucero, a student of Westwood High School, never made it to school on Thursday, and her family called police to report her missing that night.

Two women who were looking through dumpsters came across Lucero's body hours later, in a receptacle in an apartment complex near Horne and Brown Road.

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Milstead said Madrid was a person of interest from the get-go, as he'd become "estranged" from Lucero's family a few weeks ago.

Claudia Ann Lucero
Milstead said Lucero was afraid of Madrid, and said that Madrid had inappropriately touched her before, although it wasn't reported to police.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, an undercover officer who was following Madrid, and knew he had a warrant for his arrest on unrelated charges, tried to pull over Madrid for a traffic violation on Friday night, but he sped away.

Officers eventually hit Madrid's car to make him spin out, and arrested Madrid after a foot chase, too. He was arrested on charges for running from police, plus the warrant, and a judge ordered him to be held without bond, due to the aforementioned actions being a violation of his probation.

Police started watching Madrid early on as their person of interest, Milstead said.

Alex Madrid
Court video shows Madrid unsuccessfully trying to convince a judge to release him on a low bond for the police chase, saying he had a job and "children to take care of."

Meanwhile, the medical examiner's office came back with a DNA match to Madrid, Milstead said.

Madrid did not cooperate with police when they tried to question him about the murder, Milstead said.

Milstead added that police can't release all the details of the crime now, but Madrid has been booked into jail on charges including first-degree murder.

Madrid's done prison time before, and court records show he has previous convictions for aggravated harassment, resisting arrest, aggravated assault, escape, and burglary.

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Parents, don't date convicted felons.  And when your children tell you they've been sexually assaulted, call the police. 


I feel superior when I say, 'what a scumbag.'


Stories like these are always sad, always bring out the sadists in society who have a great bit of sadistic wisdom to impart to us on what ought to be done to the perpetrators, will not bring back the deceased, good thing the justice system exists or we would have anarchy, chaos since crimes like this are just to emotional for most of us to participate in the judgment of what is appropriate penalty! No doubt if this man is guilty and under our system he is presumed innocent till a jury finds him guilty then a judge will deal out the appropriate penalty, glad I do not sit on the jury or the judges bench!



Sad for you to have such a low self esteem, low sagging ego you have to find crime stories to elevate either one!;-)

whateveryousay topcommenter

@enigma9000aa The appropriate punishment for this wonderdouche is to be executed.  Period.  

Ladies, always do a background check.

66rock topcommenter

@robert_graham   No, he IS a real lowlife and then he threw her in the garbage literally.  Doesn't get any lower than that.


And you don't think he appears to be a lowlife?

66rock topcommenter

@enigma9000aa @66rock @robert_graham  Me?  I wouldn't be chosen for it due to hubby's employer and that's fine with me. And as a mom I wouldn't want to be on that jury anyway.     IF there IS a jury seated, that is.



Unlike you I do not need to find on line accused perpetrators to elevate my ego, self esteem!:-) I have no opinion on his looks, truly never crossed my mind how anyone looks, skin tone, etc., but any half wit can read your many posts on all things and figure your skin tone afflicted, a mental disease with no cure known to mankind! I leave this fellows guilt to the judicial system, the victim is in Gods hands now way out of my pay grade to determine her fate! Your one sad sick puppy bubba, but keep on pretending your some on line warrior for the right wing agenda and keep on thinking you control more than the one key board in front of you and folks like me will keep laughing at you in amusement and pity!:-)

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