10 New Times Cover Stories You Should Have Read This Year

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6.) Injustice for All: The Florence PD Compromised Public Safety

By Monica Alonzo and Stephen Lemons:

Richard McAnally was annoyed. His face, framed by a shock of gray hair and a pair of dark-rimmed glasses, puckered with disdain.

Florence had hired McAnally, paying him more than $7,000, to preside as a hearing officer in cases involving two detectives -- Jarris Varnrobinson and Walt Hunter -- appealing the town's December 14, 2012 decision to fire them.

McAnally, an 80-year-old attorney and judge pro tem, was supposed to act as an impartial finder of fact.

But the derision he directed toward Varnrobinson during this September 24 hearing in Florence's all-but-empty town council chambers illustrated his bias. Continue reading.

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