10 New Times Cover Stories You Should Have Read This Year

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In case you've missed any of the New Times cover stories this year, we've got 10 that you definitely should read.

Sorry to the munchies and music departments, but this is the news blog, so our picks are news-related, naturally.

(Also, to my New Times colleagues: These are in no particular order, so please don't stab me in the parking lot.)

10.) Riding High: Arizona's Zero-Tolerance Stance on Pot and Driving

By Ray Stern:

A couple of large mason jars full of green buds sit on the coffee table inside Tad Zaccard's west Mesa mobile home as he talks about his marijuana-DUI ticket.

"I'm a grower," admits Zaccard, a 46-year-old nutrition adviser who works for a local hospital.

As one of the state's 38,000 qualified patients, he's growing cannabis legally under Arizona's 2010 medical-marijuana law. He gets high on his own supply.

But Zaccard insists that he wasn't impaired by pot in any way when he was pulled over on the night of December 29 by a Gilbert cop working a DUI task-force patrol. Continue reading.

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