10 Craziest Phoenix Crimes of the Month: November

6.) Jason Howell Accused of Murdering Grandmother With a Shovel
Tex Texin via Flickr

A Goodyear man admitted to murdering his grandmother by bashing her head with a shovel and cutting her throat, police say.

Jason Howell, 40, said he killed his 78-year-old grandmother, Helen Jean Lee, because she imposed curfew rules on him, charged him too much for rent, and broke the garage door at their home, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

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Scott Sandry
Scott Sandry

Maybe if they stopped making any and every day to day thing illegal, it wouldn't be so bad. Sooner or later we will need a permit just to walk talk breathe etc...

Brian Pyle
Brian Pyle

AZ police policies are the real criminals

Justin Heer
Justin Heer

Lol glad I don't watch tv , that's some depressing shit

Allie Desrochers
Allie Desrochers

Your website is a real pain to navigate. Having to hit next page and wait for all the ads to load isn't worth reading the articles. Although most of them peak my interest, I never get through them because the page is just annoying.

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