Tom Horne Staffer Gets Testy with Activist (Video)

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Photo by Matthew Hendley
The protest outside of Attorney General Tom Horne's office earlier this week.

Activists keep showing up to Attorney General Tom Horne's office to protest Horne's lawsuit to keep DREAMers from being able to pay in-state tuition at community colleges.

On Wednesday, a Horne staffer got a bit testy with Citizens for a Better Arizona activist Beto Soto, who's been leading some of the protests at Horne's office.

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The moment, which Soto refers to as an "assault," was caught on video, as Charles Loftus -- a longtime cop who now works at the AG's Office -- snatches a paper out of Soto's hand:

"I was startled, alarmed, and embarrassed when Mr. Loftus snatched the paper from my hand and began to speak to me in a derogatory and insulting manner," Soto said in a statement he released later Wednesday. "I knew deep down that I had a right to be there and I was not going to let Mr. Horne, Mr. Loftus or anyone from the Capitol Police deny me of my First Amendment rights to freedom of assembly and speech."

According to the statement, "CBA is now considering legal action against Mr. Horne, Mr. Loftus and Capitol Police."

Loftus has been front-and-center at many of the protests at Horne's office, including during the arrests of four activists there the day before.

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