New Trial Scheduled in Temple Killings, Alleged Vagina-Brander Enters Plea, and More

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Welcome to Courthouse Update, a weekly rundown goings-on at the Maricopa County Superior Court.

This week, the third trial in the Temple killings case is scheduled, the alleged vagina-brander enters his plea, and more:

  • New trial scheduled in Temple killings

  • court-doody.jpg
    A mistrial was declared in the retrial of Johnathan Doody, who's been accused of massacring nine people at a Buddhist temple more than 20 years ago. Now, a third trial will take place, thanks to the deadlocked jury in trial number two. Jury selection is scheduled for November 18, and opening statements are expected on December 4.

    See also: Temple Massacre Retrial Ends in Mistrial

Next page: Alleged vagina-brander pleads not-guilty

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