Tom Horne Caves at Mention of Tom Ryan's Name, Calls off SLAPP Suit (w/Update)

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Please see the update at the end of this post.

Yep, Chandler attorney Tom Ryan was rarin' to start writing up subpoenas in his new role as legal counsel for the Arizona Public Integrity Alliance, the group being SLAPP-sued by Attorney General Tom Horne in the world's dumbest "defamation" case ever.

But wouldn't you know it, not long after Ryan declared to me that he would take the case off AZPIA lawyer Kory Langhofer's hands and pursue a vigorous defense against Horne for free, the AG calls the suit quits.

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Seems the journos at the Arizona Capitol Times' Yellow Sheet have the same info regarding there being a "settlement" in the works.

The YS header reads, "Source: Anti-Horne Group Settles Lawsuit." Though, of course, Horne brought the lawsuit, not AZPIA.

See, the point of the suit was to drain the coffers of AZPIA, to punish the organization for airing the ad, which initially, incorrectly stated that an FBI investigation of Horne was ongoing.

That probe ended a year ago, and AZPIA quickly altered the content of its ad to correct the error.

But as soon as Ryan, the Irish wolfhound of elections law, leapt onto the scene, Horne and his attorney Sandra Slaton knew they were in trouble. Big trouble.

AZPIA's ad, long may it run...

Ryan had offered his services to AZPIA pro bono. Not only would there be no draining of the AZPIA coffers, Ryan is a tireless legal dervish who would have no problemo subpoena-ing, in short order: the AG's cell phone records, his e-mails and text messages and those of his associates, Horne's union suit, Camen Chenal's bathwater, you name it.

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Excellent article: Thanks again New Times for standing Strong against one of Arizona's current Corrupt Political Ring.

Arizona would sure be a "Better "place with out the corrupt Politicians/Powerful the New Times has the COURAGE to stand against.

However I think Chenals "Bath Water" would probably be very disgusting?

Wonder what Horny thinks?!!


Someone has finally stood up against Horne.  What a pit bull.


I'd vote for him . especially since he is willing to do this on his own time.

the  power abusers are after money in a big way.

we need more lawyers like Ryan . CLEAN House at the AG!! and the judges who are backing their crazy cases they are bringing before them . !


concerned citizen , I am glad you brought these links here to everyone's attention.

they work for the public, the public needs to know what is going on.

when corruption is going on expose them    treat them like prisoners, do the crime serve the time, no different.


great article , Mr Lemons. Please keep this going, and watch those attorneys  who are under tom horne, and how they operate. unethical abuse of power. keep watching and reporting . thanks!!


the same exact reasons given here for Center Of Prosecutorial Integrity , "punish for_____________, Drain financially . ___________

are the same reasons this very office is attacking nurses and taking away their careers. Putting them of probation for bogus reasons , so they cant work.  

Punish nurses  for speaking up, and make them hire  private attorneys and drain financially while the state of Arizona is paying for Joey Ridenour unethical practices  at the Board of Nursing office  "public safety , public safety"  .    ABUSE OF POWER and using tax payers money to do it.

tom Horne was afraid he would be stuck with the legals fees and have to pay for the team that went after him is why he backed out. And it would be VERY likely. antislapp laws are strict, but not as strict as most states.

Cozz topcommenter

Its sucks Tom Horny Dog got off so easy on this. The corrupt prick needs to be exposed as much as much as possible for being the slimeball he is.

dennis20 topcommenter

Draft Tom Ryan for County Attorney, 2016! Better yet, he should take Hornes job. 

TommyCollins topcommenter

It may simply be that Horne was planning to use public funds to pay for this lawsuit and once it was made public he didn't want to pay it himself, or from his campaign funds, which likely will be $400K lighter in coming days.

Or, it may be that he thinks he got the publicity he needed from the filing and it doesn't need to go any further. For someone with his level of education he doesn't seem very intelligent, at least from a distance.


So, it turned out like the COYOTE and the ROADRUNNER ,  and as usual the Roadrunner won 



BEEP BEEP...............................


Tom Horne was barred by SEC from stock exchange due to some shenanigans, so this story is not to surprising, it was brought up during his campaign and he seemed to laugh off the scandals as nothing but if one has unethical mind set, feels he is above the law this position he has is perfect for this kind of mentality!


The Alliance just wants to get Horne out of the way before the primary so he doesn't get knocked off by Rotellini in the 2014 general election.

yourproductsucks2 topcommenter

this theory looks to be a bit of a leap with little evidence to support it.

the mere fact that a retraction, apology and settlement exist allow one to dismiss this story as fiction.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

hahaha.. just like the cockroach he is Horne scurries when someone shines a light on him

Nicely done Mr Lemons and Mr Ryan!


Thank you Mr. Lemons for continually shining the light on these self-righteous and hypocritical politicians who think they don't have to practice what the preach !


yourproductsucks2 topcommenter

or the alliance prefers someone with ethics holds the position.

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