Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant to Test Emergency Sirens in Case of "Unlikely Event"

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Image: Wikimedia Commons
This is only a drill. Repeat . . .

Forty-eight emergency sirens located within 10 miles of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating station are expected to sound off today as part of an annual federal requirement. They'll perform a practice blast at noon and at 12:30 p.m., authorities say.

Don't concern yourself with the horror those horns represent: The Department of Emergency Management says a real emergency is an "unlikely event."

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The sirens are intended to get your attention in a real emergency and spur you to turn on your TV or radio. These days, that means look at your phone, which we assume may also give you an alert.

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Why does U.S. Government say there are only 60 people living in Tonopah, according to U.S. 2010 Census?

ExpertShot topcommenter

Any nuclear plant is an accident waiting to happen - the half-live of radioactive materials in these plants is over 5,000 years - that's the time humans will have to: 

1) maintain a stable government which can monitor and maintain the operational and security systems to secure them; 

2) keep changing the containment vessels in which the radioactive waste materials are stored as they wear out (these containment vessels are only rated for 100 years or less); and 

3) keep paying millions of taxpayer dollars every year to store the radioactive waste safe over that 5,000 year period even though the plant only produces power the owners can sell at a profit for 30 years before the operational safety of the plant is compromised.  

At any point in that 5,000 years there can, AND WILL, be an accident which will destroy the ability of any human to live in the area made unlivable.  In addition, the ionizing radioactive particle will spread over this entire phoenix area as the prevailing winds carry it directly into our community - it might be 100 or 200 years but it will make this area a deadly trap for future humans who happen to come here to live. 

People who built these plants think that you will not be smart enough to figure this as well as not give a shite because you'll be dead - you hope - before any accident which might affect you occurs.  

This plant is a horrible mistake and APS and SRP and the Republicants in control of Arizona which cheated us in to this deadly albatross need to take responsibility for it, and incur the costs of maintaining that waste of time - PERSONALLY. 

ExpertShot topcommenter

@vjbkmaikell The question you might have asked is "Why did the reporter not do his job and actually find out how many people live in the area around this Nuke?"   

During the winter months, the area around this plant can have as many as 20,000 people in various trailer camps.

Of course during NASCAR events at PIR that number can double! 

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