Joe Arpaio's Flunky Dave Trombi Tangles with Dennis Gilman, Gilman Wins (w/Video)

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What if the MCSO had a community meeting and nobody came?

That's what happened recently when the MCSO held what it called a "community after-action meeting" in a lame attempt to comply with Judge G. Murray Snow's orders in the ACLU civil rights case Melendres v. Arpaio.

Videographer Dennis Gilman -- a better journalist than most in the Valley who get paid to play that role on and off TV -- attended the meeting held at a local library, and posted this YouTube report from the field.

Watch as MCSO Deputy Chief Dave Trombi walks right into the proverbial punch

In an article that accompanied the video, Gilman writes:

Deputy Chief David Trombi and Captain Pat Lopez conducted the "community after-action meeting" on November 9th, which was a cynical attempt to comply with Judge Snow's orders. Community out-reach will soon be required by MCSO as will a monitor overseeing Arpaio's operations.

Arpaio was absent because he had a parade he needed to be in, which was apparently more "exigent" than attending his own meeting. If you subtract media, Deputies, lawyers and the 8 protesters, only 3 people showed up for the meeting.

While the area of the sweep was announced as a 40 mile radius from Litchfield Park to 43rd Ave and Salt River to Camelback, legal observers witnessed no saturation activity in the mostly white and upper to middle class areas or near the murdered detention officer's home. Most stops were witnessed in the areas where minorities live and work.

Gilman's sarcastic mention of Arpaio's "exigent" circumstances references Judge Snow's requirement for a sweep until a monitor is in place.

"Exigent" is a fancy legal term that means some sort of emergency that threatens life or limb. And the MCSO has not been able to offer any "exigent" circumstances for the sweep it did on the west side in October.

The sheriff's office can't offer any because there were none.

Gilman gets Trombi in the crosshairs of his camera and asks him the difference between this sweep and all of the others the MCSO has done in the past, wherein the court has found the MCSO guilty of racial profiling.

As you can see for yourself, Trombi can't answer the question. And when another journalist asks about the exigency of doing the October sweep, Trombi plays dodge ball.

All of which is par for the course. Trombi does attempt an insult of Gilman, but ends up looking the fool, which you would think would teach these beige-shirted nudniks who not to mess with.

But they never learn.

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Cozz topcommenter

Fuck MCSO.
Arpaio and Trombi are the biggest walking-talking pieces of shit I've ever seen.

The Federal Court needs to put they're asses in prison and be done with it.


Trombi's got nothin. He says nothin.He DOES have two stars on his collars which I THOUGHT was for a major general or rear admiral. MCSO has delusions of grandeur I would suppose.

dennis20 topcommenter

Trombi is a classic Arpaio flunky who has been dodging bullets for the Sheriff for years.

In 2009, Judge Gary Donahue found Trombi in contempt and fined him 10,000 dollars for repeatedly failing to get inmates from MCSO's jails to court on time.

Judge Donahue determined the sheriff's court-security detail was chronically and deliberately under staffed.   Witnesses and victims of crimes showing up to testify found themselves having to reschedule. Critics pointed to the outrageous resources and manpower being diverted to Arpaio's saturation patrols, which is why Arpaio was found guilty of racial profiling in the first place.  Adrian Cruz, a child rapist serving a life sentence, was taken to court to testify in another rape case. Under Trombi's watch, he was left unattended in a waiting room.  Trombi claims he was handcuffed and must've gotten a paper clip to free himself.  Five years later, he is still free and his victims live in fear.

robert_graham topcommenter

Listen to the message from Arpaio and his deputies at (602) 777-6632.


Yea , Arpaio  calls the shot  on every Latino sweep that has ever been....Sitting pretty in Fountain Hills, thinking He is "LA COSA NOSTRA " - or some kind of GODFATHER  or delusional shit....KARMA. What  comes around goes around....


Good job Dennis, although i didn't really think Trombi has much responsibility for what goes on, I felt like he was just trying to answer as best as he could and not get in trouble, this sweep was Arpaio's call.

Now it is up to the Judge to show how big his balls are.


Nice job Dennis Gilman. The day the shurf is no longer are current sheriff, will be MARTI GRAS TIMES ONE THOUSAND !


Joe believes you prevent and solve crimes by randomly stopping brown people.

He once said he might solve a murder by finding a body in the trunk of a car his deputies randomly stop,

He's a huge windbag who doesn't know how to effectively use his resources.


This is how Arizona earns it's main source of revenue outside of begging for funds to expand the CPS power (which is how our deficit became a surplus over the past five years).... 

I have a much better way. A method where Arizona does not seem like a police state and people will actually enjoy being here 'statewide'.

Another thing about my plans is that they are actually outlined in the Arizona Constitution.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

watching Trombi try to get away from Dennis was pretty funny. he remained civil to Dennis the whole time, but you could tell it was driving him nuts, he just couldnt get away

Flyer9753 topcommenter

Great vid and nice Work Dennis - make sure to send a copy of this video to Judge Snow...

I hear a bitch slap of Arpaio coming... what a wonderful sound.

WhoKnows topcommenter

I just wonder how some of these MCSO brown shirts can even look at themselves in a mirror.  It sure seems they can't look anyone else in the eye!

shadeaux14 topcommenter

Once again, Arpaio proves that he is incapable of, or unwilling to, FOLLOW THE GODDAMN LAW.




Thank you to Dennis for being there.  Many of these meetings go un-attended and un-noticed except for activists like Mr. Gilman and investigative journalists like Mr. Lemons.

Leonard Clark

Progressive Activist

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

I agree completely Cozz.

Judge Snow needs to start kicking some MCSO ass. Now.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Mike, if MCSO was the military, you'd be right about the rank.

But MCSO is an organized corrupt crime family.

dennis20 topcommenter

@robert_graham  I called it. It's hilarious. Are you aware the State Law referenced in it was found to be a fabricated law? If you paid attention to Melendras V. Arpaio you would know that.  Thanks for the laugh though. Is the number registered under your name? 

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Your avatar suits you perfectly Robert.

Your bullshit rantings at your phone number are more than likely threats to those who oppose the Old Fool to get shot, die, and/or are slanderous and libelous.

Do you have ANYTHING better to do than annoy us twit?

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Flyer, that bitch-slap will be the bitch-slap heard 'round the world.

I've got fresh Captain Morgan for this event.



They like these silly "crime suppression" efforts, the work is easy, they rarely have to actually arrest someone and everyone involved gets to collect a big pile of overtime.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Easy Shadeaux. The Old Fool from MCSO might hear you or JAFfy will threaten you.

After all, both are twits and both use threats and intimidation to get what they want.


@leonardclark Yes Leonard the meetings may go un-attended but I assure you ,they do not go un-noticed. Arpaio does not have the class to actually hold a meeting in his favorite hunting grounds,the West and South sides of town. How many sweeps has MCSO executed in Litchfield ? Not a Damn one. The "minority" voter ranks are growing in these parts of town and people will turn out to vote. BTW,it;s just not the minority voters that are fed up with this BS.

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