IEDs, Rocket-Propelled Grenades, Other Explosives Found in Pinal County Home

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Pinal County Sheriff's Office detectives found various explosive devices -- some of them homemade -- in the house of a domestic-violence suspect.

According to a PCSO spokesman, detectives tried to question 51-year-old Wesley Boles about the explosives inside the San Tan Valley home, but he started convulsing and was hospitalized.

Boles actually was put into a medically induced coma, but he's since been released from the hospital and booked into jail on a few other charges not related to the explosives.

According to the PCSO, this started when Boles' brother, who lives in Washington state, called the Sheriff's Office to report that Boles had pointed a handgun at his mother's head, and shoved her, in an incident a few days earlier.

The woman confirmed the story and said she didn't leave the residence or call authorities for fear of her son, according to the PCSO.

After finding out that Boles is a convicted felon and thus not allowed to possess a firearm, a search warrant was obtained to search the home for weapons.

Weapons certainly were found. Among the weapons at the home were 28 firearms of an unspecified variety, two "Class 3" weapons, two silencers, two rocket-propelled grenades, five homemade IEDs, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and a rifle -- a rifle that was set up as part of a booby-trap to go off when a closet door was opened. (A meth pipe also was found, according to PCSO.)

Recall that 20 miles down the road in Pinal County, in Coolidge, is where Abdullatif Aldosary lived. A search warrant at his house turned up materials and recipes for explosive devices -- a warrant that was served after Aldosary allegedly planted a bomb at a Social Security Administration building in Casa Grande last year.

In Boles' case, he was booked into jail on a variety of charges, with the additional explosives charges pending.

Wesley Boles, and various items allegedly found in his house, including a booby-trap, meth pipe, and IEDs.

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jonnyquest topcommenter

So the power grid goes down or something similar happens. All you antigun people can try to apply some "common sense" resoning with people like this guy. I'll hunker down with my AR-15 and protect those I care about.


Hey, he's just exercising his God given 2nd Amendment rights!  Doesn't everyone keep a couple RPG's and IED's around? 

WhoKnows topcommenter

Another JT Ready.

I bet this guy LOVES Arapio and Sheriff StudBoi1.  And he carries a picture of Russ Pearce in his wallet.

dennis20 topcommenter

@jonnyquest  If the power grid goes down, you are going to wish you invested in a generator instead of an arsenal of weapons. 



Common sense reasoning in this case being was to arrest the man who's a prohibited possessor with weapons and a meth pipe.  Feel free to carry on with your "Doomsday Preppers" RPG; but, this was real life and a dangerous person was taken off the streets as he should have been.

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