Filmmaker's Documentary on Florence: Good Men, Bad Men, and a Few Rowdy Ladies

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It seems there's no time like the present to learn a thing or two about what's going on in the Town of Florence.

While New Times writers Monica Alonzo and Stephen Lemons are working on a three-part series, "Florence Exposed," we heard from a filmmaker who's directing a documentary on life in the prison town.

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Director Andrea Scott tells New Times that the film, Good Men, Bad Men, and a Few Rowdy Ladies, attempts to "examin[e] this place as a relic of the old west, but also this very modern place of mass incarceration."

"It's a humorous and humanizing portrayal of the prison-industrial complex," she says.

The film, which is currently in the editing process, follows a few people who call Florence home, including the candidates in the town's 2012 mayoral election -- including eventual winner, Tom Rankin.

(Rankin's a central figure in the New Times story, as the town's former police chief, who still involves himself in the PD's affairs.)

Other people followed in Scott's movie include a few corrections officers, a town barber who's lived in Florence his whole life, and a kid who's growing up in Florence as his parents live in the prison system there.

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