Phoenix Man Caught Breaking Into Family's House Says He Was Running From Drug Cartel

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A Phoenix man nearly broke into a family's house, as the man explained he was running from a Mexican drug cartel.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Leobardo Gamez, 35, said he was trying to hide because he's in big trouble for shacking up with a cartel boss' wife -- which probably isn't true.

Gamez broke a window in the backyard of a house near 51st Avenue and Thomas Road, and the homeowners called the cops, as no one in the family knew Gamez and they assumed he was trying to break into the house.

According to court documents, Gamez explained to the responding officers that he "was being chased by the Mexican cartel because they were trying to kill him for sleeping with a cartel boss' wife."

His claim seems the slightest bit credible because court documents indicate Gamez was "extremely cooperative and wanted to go to jail." He also insisted that he'd pay for the window he broke, so he whipped out some cash and paid the homeowner an undisclosed sum, according to the court documents.

However, police found a much more likely source of the cartel-affair story -- a bag of meth in Gamez's pocket, according to the documents.

Gamez "quickly admitted" that it was meth, and he was high on that meth, the documents state.

After Gamez forked over the cash for the window, the homeowner didn't want to prosecute Gamez, so he was only booked into jail on the drug-possession charge.

Leobardo Gamez
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At least he was polite about the damages and squared up with the homeowners right away. You never hear about a burglar or intruder doing that!


It won't be long before the libtards yell RACIST for arresting him because of what he said.  But of course we all know his excuses are a crock of shit!


@robert_graham I don't think anyone would pull the race card given he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, which he admitted was his and was high on at the time. We've got meth users of all colors here, so I think you may be creating a race issue when there isn't one. (Maybe that's how the racists roll?)


@robert_graham ,

You being the resident expert on crocks of shit, like that big one who sits behind a desk in an office in the Wells Fargo building and wears a sheriff's badge

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