Arizona Traffic Photos of the Week

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There was some airport traffic on Thanksgiving eve.

This week was a weird one for traffic in Phoenix, and around the state.

In addition to the typical antics of bad drivers, there was some odd weather, extraordinarily packed roadways, and strangely vacant roadways due to Thanksgiving -- all captured by the Arizona Department of Transportation's highway cameras. Check out our picks for this week's top highway oddities:

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(Shout-out to ADOT public-information officer Tim Tait for always posting these photos on Twitter.)

5.) Fog Near Winslow

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How about you stick to do some real news work Hendley..... traffic cam shots? give me a break!... and on top of that you post the pictures on 5 different pages, like you don't already know everybody hates that........i find myself coming to NT less every week

Chris Hedges
Chris Hedges

Heh, nice to see Winslow mentioned here twice. It was a little crazy here earlier this week.

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