What Apple Might Be Making in Its New Mesa Facility (Video)

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Thanks to the large following of Apple, there's a lot of speculation as to what's going to be produced in the Mesa manufacturing facility that was announced earlier this week.

Apple made a $578 million deal with a company called GT Advanced Technologies, to make "sapphire material" in this Mesa facility, a plant formerly occupied by First Solar.

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While "sapphire material" is currently used to cover the camera lens for the iPhone, and for its fingerprint reader, it's been pointed out by Apple followers that the company also applied for a patent on a certain process for using sapphire to build electronic devices, including within glass.

Wouldn't you know it, GT Advanced Technologies produces sapphire screens for devices, as seen in this video that's been circulated by tech writers:

Governor Jan Brewer announced that the plant "will create at least 700 quality jobs in the first year and generate significant capital investment," but neither the governor nor either of the companies involved revealed exactly what's going to be made there.

The state also hasn't released deals of an "incentive package" with Apple, as the governor's office told New Times that deal hasn't been finalized.

Meanwhile, Brewer herself is currently leading a trade delegation to Taiwan, which some say could also be connected to Apple, in an attempt to get more of the company's manufacturing done in Arizona.

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Might also have something to do with LEDs. I remember hearing that LED tech was going to get a lot cheaper due sapphire substrates now being able to be grown artificially.


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Nick A Thomas
Nick A Thomas

This company makes the equipment that can grow crystal Sapphire, I was doing a remodel job for a company that grew wafers for Diodes and other low tech electronics sub straits, the chemicals they use was bad. What chemicals are they going to us??? I worked waste treatment for Honeywell and facilities maintenance, and wet floor production line equipment.

Luis Antonio Salazar
Luis Antonio Salazar

O nice, now we can pay 10 times more than the normal price. It's always better to produce in the good old U.S.A.

Kirk Dooley
Kirk Dooley

Wonder what taxes Brewer is shifting to the rest of Arizonans to get Apple to come here?

Dan Moore
Dan Moore

We just built all of the pallets for First Solar to move out of that building :)

Flyer9753 topcommenter

A piece of shit electronic device.

Do I win a prize now for getting it right?

ExpertShot topcommenter

This process would benefit greatly from the type of solar energy technology solyndra is working with now.  There was a semi-conductor plant operating in Chandler which used Solar Parabolic mirrors back in the 1980s.  They saved a huge amount of money using the solar parabolic troughs to preheat their industrial process solvents to clean semiconductors.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

The shriveled-up old prune is going to Taiwan to steal some Apple jobs away from there? Good luck with that.


@ExpertShot  They are buying the factory from First Solar.  Solyndra is a defunct company that has nothing to do with this factory.

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