Phoenix VA: Anonymous Target Doesn't Work There

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People associated with Anonymous, the collective of Internet activists, threatened to protest at the Phoenix VA hospital over an employee who doesn't actually work there.

As part of Anonymous' operation to seek justice for a 2-year-old Phoenix girl who allegedly was abused to death by babysitters last year, people associated with Anonymous sought to get the girl's mother fired from a job at the VA hospital -- a job she didn't actually have.

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From Phoenix VA spokesman Scott McRoberts:
Ashley Livengood, Savannah's mother, is not an employee of the Phoenix VA Health Care System (PVAHCS) nor has she ever been employed at our facility. Ms. Livengood recently completed a 30-day student rotation at PVAHCS under an affiliated school program. As with other students in such programs, she was not employed by PVAHCS. The information in the article suggesting that she was a PVAHCS employee is incorrect. I am sure your readers will appreciate learning her correct employment status.

The Anonymous press release stated that Arizona is a "right to work" state and PVAHCS employees can be terminated from employment without proving misconduct. PVAHCS is a Federal facility. Federal personnel law governs such employees and Arizona's status as a "right to work" state is not applicable to Federal employment law and regulations.
The death of 2-year-old Savannah Cross got the activists' attention a couple months ago, after charges against her alleged abusers were dropped.

Ryan Reed, then 27, admitted to abusing the girl, and his wife, then-28-year-old Allison Clement, knew that the abuse was happening, yet didn't do anything about it, according to police.

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ExpertShot topcommenter

What a bummer for the staff at the VA having to be threatened by this group and for no good reason!  How many times has this happened?  Anonymous is supposed to be about Justice, not INJUSTICE!  I can see how if they are not careful they could cause a lot of damage to innocent people.  Please Anonymous, remember to curb your Hubris - no one is perfect.

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