Suspects in Slaying of Teen Boxing Champ Alexis Urbina Wanted His Cell Phone, Laptop

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Alexis Urbina/Twitter
Alexis Urbina (right) after his youth championship fight in April.

Phoenix police arrested two young men suspected of killing 17-year-old boxing champion Alexis Urbina in September.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, 22-year-old Robert Chavez and 23-year-old Joseph Corrales are accused of killing Urbina so they could steal his cell phone, laptop computer, and other electronics from him.

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Urbina, who attended South Mountain High School, was found unconscious by his mother at their house near Fourth Street and Broadway Road. He later died from blunt-force trauma injuries sustained during an assault, according to court documents.

Weeks later, police were contacted by an anonymous tipster who heard two men talking about selling Alexis' cell phone.

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Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz

DREAMers helping DREAMers excel in the community...


Selling the stuff they stole  2 blocks away ? Killing someone for a laptop and a cell phone . that's very stupid ..

Kelly J Kelly
Kelly J Kelly

Oh.. No. So sorry for this boy and his loved ones.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

That this pair got collared so quickly proves again what criminologists know very well. Namely, that crooks love to talk about what they did. Multiple tipsters overheard them talking about it and put 2+2 together. It also didn't help them that their victim was a popular guy.


Pieces of crap hope they rot in prison and get beaten every day. Just for a phone and computer they were to lazy to work for to buy themselves. 


No, just very Mexican

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