Yarnell Hill Fire: The Former Site of a Yarnell Home, Three Months Later

Matthew Hendley
The former location of a home in Yarnell.

Although it's been nearly three months since the deadly Yarnell Hill Fire was contained, the signs of the fire still remain in the small town.

Consider the photo above of what used to be a home, which was completely burned down. Notice that the grass surrounding the foundation is almost perfectly green but the trees are burned to a crisp.

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This home was maybe a few thousand feet southeast of where the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots deployed their fire shelters in a last-ditch effort to survive the fire, which trapped them in a canyon.

Google Maps
The star on the left is the hotshots' "deployment site." The star on the right is the approximate location of the property pictured above. The large property between the stars is the ranch the hotshots were trying to reach.

Some of that small neighborhood, Glen Ilah, looks like nothing ever happened there, and it makes a strange contrast between what burned and what didn't, especially since a lot of the town's been cleaned up.

Photo by Matthew Hendley

There were 114 "structures" destroyed by the fire, and a good portion of them were in this neighborhood.

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

None of those 113 structures was worth even one of the lives of the Hotshots. Structure protection is legitimately the number one goal of wild-land firefighters. But we now know that deploying the Hotshots to "Yarnell Hill" was a gruesome mistake. Moreover, the fact that they lost comms with Command should have been a red flag for them. They should have ran in the opposite direction of the fire's spread as fast as they could. Lesson learned, but much too late.

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