Worst Jan Brewer Brain Fart?

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Governor Jan Brewer's had some smelly brain-farts.

Governor Jan Brewer "has did" it again -- she came down with another severe case of brain flatulence in public.

Upon Brewer commemorating the Tuskegee Airman -- by repeatedly stumbling over the word "Tuskegee," and eventually using eight different pronunciations -- we put together a list of Brewer's five smelliest brain farts.

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-Jan Brewer's Five Smelliest Brain Farts

You can check out the links below to Brewer's gassy highlights.

Below that, cast your vote for the worst brain fart.

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Fausto Joaquin
Fausto Joaquin

"Romey is not from the west, but thinks like a westener" @ republican convention


I vote the debate, because even though she sounded really stupid, she won the election. Go figure.

Antonio Arriola
Antonio Arriola

She was awesome in the wizard of oz as the scarecrow

Flyer9753 topcommenter

but there are so many to choose from.... and the list still is not anywhere near complete....

Sabz Kaotik
Sabz Kaotik

pretty much everything that comes out her mouth!

Mike Kyle
Mike Kyle

"I'm the best choice for Governor of Arizona."

David James
David James

How do you begin to count every word out of her mouth?

Steve Judge
Steve Judge

Deregulation of all licensed professions in AZ.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I saw the debate brain fart, and like everyone on the set, my only thought was, "WTF." Was she having a stroke? A blackout from too much booze? What was up with her shit-eatin' grin? I'm sure the choices for smelliest brain fart are only the tip of the iceberg.

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