Top 10 Arizona-Themed Halloween Costumes

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William Warby via Flickr

Halloween's just a few weeks away, so we've got some Arizona-themed costume ideas for you.

Check out our top 10 picks for Arizona costumes:

10.) Teabagger

Fibonacci Blue via Flickr
Negative 10 points for correct spelling.
There's a reason there's a horror movie titled Red State.

-Create a misspelled nonsense sign like "Keep yer gubmint hands off my Medicare!"
-Use pliers to pull out extra teeth (you need only about six total)
-Prepare hysterical rants about Obama and why he's the new Hitler

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JAFfy is going to dress up like a giant douche to emulate Shurf' Joe

Brandi Cruz
Brandi Cruz

I think most States do. Those two words go hand in hand in A LOT of places. :)

Suzanne Cruz
Suzanne Cruz

Oh shit I forgot Jan brewer! That costume is so damn close!!

Brandi Cruz
Brandi Cruz

They were pretty funny, just couldn't believe how a dishoveled looking paper bag actually looked like Jan Brewer.

Suzanne Cruz
Suzanne Cruz

Lmao! Sheriff Joe and the meth head really made me laugh. The space heater was pretty funny too!

Brandi Cruz
Brandi Cruz

Suzanne, Teice, Kaylin - #6 made me laugh and spit out my water.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

JAFfy will dress up as the narcissistic old man from MCSO.

I already have my costume picked out. You fools will never recognize me!

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