10 Best Arizona DUIs

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A DUI can happen to anyone who drinks and has a driver's license. And it's happened to a lot of our fellow Arizonans: 656 last Labor Day alone.

That doesn't stop us from digging stories about politicians, celebrities, pro athletes or other notables who found themselves wasted and in handcuffs on the side of a road. In the case of elected -- or wanna-be elected -- officials, at least, any accusation of a criminal offense needs to be scrutinized for signs of corruption or just plain bad judgment. It's also true we're afflicted with occasional bouts of schadenfreude.

Our news last week about Republican gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones got us wondering how many infamous Arizona DUIs we could think of. Governor Jan Brewer's near-arrest when she was a legislator back in the 1980s came to mind. So did a few others:


10. Christine Jones: As 12 News reporter Brahm Resnik wrote on Monday, no politician wants to be photographed in handcuffs -- but that was the case for Jones, who's doing a great job getting all of the negative stuff out early. The Phoenix police photo we ran of Jones on Friday could well show up on some opponent's mailer, but that's the way the Go Daddy girl's T-shirt bounces.

Who knows, by the time the August 26, 2014, primary election rolls around, voters might not recall or care about the one-time DUI from nearly a decade ago, or even that she seems to think the Rio Grande flows through Arizona. Her real problem could be that some Republicans believe she's a RINO.

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Kathryn Pace
Kathryn Pace

brewer needs to stop her finger pointing. she is very annoying.


Well, I've got a story -- I never drove drunk, never hurt anyone and never got a ticket for DUI, was I was convicted anyway because of outrageous conduct by "law enforcement." 

I was in a fender-bender in Phoenix caused by the other driver and received a ticket for "Failure to Control" at the scene. I foolishly gave blood because I thought I was cooperating. The "ticket" was issued several months later by the Assistant District Attorney and I was charged with 2nd double-DUI, then dismissed so felony charges could be filed. Then I was charged with a misdemeanor again, and almost a year later, convicted at trial in Phoenix. 

My public pretender Michael Burkhart NEVER told the jury that I had a prescription for the hydrocodone because of painful arthritis, (the other substance was metabolite of THC and I later had a Medical Marijuana card). Burkhart also NEVER contradicted Officer Dawn Barlow when she told the jury she arrested me, or the officer who testified that the other driver's car was towed away and an ambulance was called, when neither scenario was true -- there were no injuries and the other driver drove away from the scene. If I got another DUI, I would go to prison, so now I don't drive. I also don't live in Arizona anymore -- most of the cops have to lie like rugs to give out all these DUIs. The only nice cops I met were from Tempe and Mesa (I guess I was lucky there, too.)


Why is Jan Brewer on this list when she didn't ever get a DUI?

Scott Bowersock
Scott Bowersock

I think if your last name is Irish/German like me, you need at least a 2 drink over mulligan.....I drive better with a few than most sober......not kidding and never go out to drink anyway/.

TommyCollins topcommenter

It's interesting that there seems to be no record of any criminal actions involving DBS in the Maricopa Superior court system. I wonder if he had his case transferred to Gila County, so public searches wouldn't show his case? He seems to have, or had, property pretty much all over the state.... and at 72 years of age I suppose he might be getting some favors back from someone in the court system. Perhaps from a former client or two. Stranger things have happened.

Also, his mug photo shows his hair parted on the right side. His PR photo with the elderly guy shows his hair parted on the left side. Odd, I think. Most men don't change their hair daily. I also find it odd that at 72 years of age he has no gray hair. I suppose he is trying to look younger for some reason. Must be a Fountain Hills, or Scottsdale, thing....

valleynative topcommenter

I year or so ago I was talking to a guy who absolutely believed that everybody gets arrested now and then.  He knew this to be true because he and all of his close acquaintances had been arrested multiple times, and there was nothing special about them.

I think of him whenever somebody suggests that DUI's are things that just happen to people who drink and own cars.

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