Should the State Really Be Executing a 71-Year-Old Inmate?

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T Woodard via Flickr
Utah's execution chamber.

Yesterday, the first Arizona execution of the year was carried out in Florence.

Edward Schad, a convicted murderer, was 71 years old.

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-Edward Schad, 71, Is the First Arizona Inmate Executed This Year

Schad was sentenced to death back in 1985, for the murder of a Bisbee man in 1978.

Although Schad was the oldest prisoner on death row, do you think the state should be executing senior citizens like him?

Cast your vote below:

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Cozz topcommenter

Arizona loves killing people.


50 cents per bullet is much cheaper. I'll pull the trigger, especially for a salary.  I make six figures though so it will cost you but I will save the taxpayers millions.

ExpertShot topcommenter

A man sits on death row today for killing my wife - I'm against the death penalty and said so in his trial.  The right wing wacko dumb asses out there are all concerned about the State killing people here in the US with drones, but don't understand that the use of the death penalty by the State is the precedent which the government will use to justify their use of those drones to kill people.  These right wing wacko dumb asses are Statist sympathizers plain and simple!


What did Arizona gain by this execution? Anything?

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

We bleeding-heart lib'rals have a way to go before we can convince that 78.57% of Zoners that capital punishment is barbaric. Really, it is. But as I explained yesterday, if I were on a jury in a capital case, I'd vote for the death penalty without hesitation and with a clear conscience. The death penalty is no "deterrent." It's all about punishment. Mr. Schad fully expected to get the needle sometime. It's a shame that it took so long.


I don't think the state should be in the business of executing people.

valleynative topcommenter


The death penalty is generally a waste of money, but once a man has been convicted and has exhausted his appeals, it's no longer a waste of money in that specific instance.

The Constitution protects our right to a trial before the government can kill us with drones or lethal injection.   That's the really significant factor.  Allowing them to execute criminals after a trial is really not opening the door for them to execute people without a trial.

The slippery slope that led to assholes like Holder has been in allowing the federal government to disregard the Constitution as long as they've been able to say that it was for the good of the people or to fight injustice.



@Reggievv One less mouth to feed on the govt TIT aka the people's labor, meanwhile, the families gain closure, and ultimately the convict got what he was waiting for.  It was a win win


@phxjustice ok we can start an account funded by you and the others that don't believe in execution.  You can donate to keep them alive and pay the costs associated with keeping them in prison.  Your personal information will also have to be given to all of the victims families.  


@phxjustice ,

Exactly, especially a state with as many crooked cops and un-ethical and dishonest prosecutors as Arizona.


@logicman Considering it actually costs more to try a death penalty case and then go through the execution, it is cheaper to keep them in prison for life.



Not to mention a governor who stacks the Clemency Board with those who will not advocate for clemency.


@logicman @phxjustice Conservative estimates put the cost of the death penalty at around $3 million.  That doesn't even include the cost of incarceration.  Consider that the cost of incarceration is $35000 a year.  Even at 50 years, it is still half the cost of the death penalty.

Plus, is the death penalty about justice or about retribution.  If it is the latter, then it is always wrong.


@phxjustice @logicman well then I'm good with whatevers cheaper.  Do you know the breakoff point of cheaper to execute?  As in 40 years in prison = death penalty case?

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