Rolland Gilstrap, Glendale Keeper of Pipe Bombs, Going to Prison for Nearly Five Years

Image: Facebook
Rolland Gilstrap
Rolland Gilstrap likes guns. Says so right on his Facebook site.

But the feds say former Glendale resident wasn't to supposed to have his heavy-duty arsenal of 17 firearms because of a previous conviction for a domestic-violence assault.

And he really, really shouldn't have kept those six pipe-bombs in the closet of his mobile home.

Following a guilty plea on a charge for the bombs, (specifically, unlawful possession of unregistered destructive devices), Gilstrap was sentenced on October 1st by U.S. District Judge Roslyn Silver to 57 months in prison.

On social media sites, Gilstrap says he's worked for a firearms dealer, C3 Arms in Phoenix. He amassed a decent collection of personal firearms, a June 2012 indictment shows, including a Bushmaster AR-15, two AK-47-type rifles and a LARS Grizzly M4 15, which takes .223-caliber ammo like an AR-15.

In court records, Gilstrap admitted he kept the six pipe bombs in a metal ammunition container inside his mobile home, located at 7920 West Glendale Avenue. It's unclear who made the devices.

"All six pipe bombs were similar in shape and size, roughly 10 inches long, sealed at both ends, fused with pyrotechnic fuse, and contained low-explosive main charge," Gilstrap confessed in his plea agreement.

What Gilstrap planned to do with the bombs isn't mentioned in online court documents.

Image: Facebook
Rolland Gilstrap

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Thank you for posting this. I can use it in the divorce. They have him in protective costudy last I knew and wouldn't tell me much on some of the charges. But I know he has a total of 18 years I was told at the federal building down town.


I am the one he was after. I got all his threats to kill me and our kids in my email. He is crazy. And just to the the city of phoenix also returned a stole gun to him at property claims. And after 33 cases of domestic violance the arrested him one for two months in tent city and I ran away from him. He belongs in a.s.h.! He is unsafe to the public even. He also he animal cruelty charges for torching my dog. That the city of phoenix police wouldn't let me leave with.


This special kind of tard is the scariest. Glad he's on his way to the big house. peace

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

If you're a prohibited person for whatever reason, it's really dumb to show off your arsenal. He was just asking to be caught. What a stupid idiot. That said, I have a question. Is it legal for any civilian to possess hand grenades? VN, JQ... do you know the answer?


"Glendale Keeper of Pipe Bombs"


Is that Raybonics?

valleynative topcommenter

Most people will only hear about "gun enthusiasts" when they're also criminals in some way, like this guy.

Since most people lack critical thinking skills, they form the conclusion that this guy is actually representative of the entire group.

In fact, there are many of us who are perfectly sane, reasonably intelligent, well-educated and law-abiding, who have an interest that you don't share.

jonnyquest topcommenter

Universal firearms registration, universal backround checks, and guys like this will still have weapons. JT Ready had US Military issue grenades. REGISTERED grenades!

ray.stern moderator

@eric.nelson745 -- ATF tells me that no, a civilian may not legally possess hand grenades in almost all conceivable cases. However, it's possible to obtain a license to manufacturer explosive devices, including things like stun grenades. If you are a maker of stun grenades and cops find one in your car's trunk, you may be able to talk your way out of a criminal charge, it sounds like. Otherwise, probably not.


@ray.stern @eric.nelson745 Actually, even if one is a legal manufacturer of explosives there are still strict requirements concerning storage and transportation of these things. An automobile trunk would not meet those requirements. Generally IIRC 1.3G and 1.1G explosives must be transported in a placarded truck. In a way that's stupid, because it's essentially a sign that says "please steal me" but who ever said government regulations had to make sense?


@elmergantry71These regulations make sense to those of us who transport our loved ones (especially the little ones) in our private vehicles and care that someone might have explosives in his/her car that we don't know about. It allows us to stay as far away as we possibly can from someone who is transporting explosives.  I'd rather be warned than surprised before some life-altering event occurred.  Although not everyone thinks government regulations are necessary, some of us think they serve a valuable role in making our lives, and the lives of our loved ones, safer/better/longer/fuller.

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