Robert Jones, Seven-Time Murderer, Executed

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A man convicted of seven murders was executed today at the state prison in Florence.

Robert Jones, 43, is the second inmate to be put to death in the state this year.

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Jones and an accomplice, Scott Nordstrom, went to rob a smoke shop in Tucson in May 1996.

Robert Jones
Jones shot a customer in the head upon entering and also shot an employee, who survived. Nordstrom also killed an employee before the two got the money and left.

A couple of weeks later, the two carried out another robbery, at the Firefighters Union Hall in Tucson. Jones fatally shot three people there, and Nordstrom killed a woman who couldn't open the safe.

Nordstrom's brother, who was a lookout for the men during the smoke shop robbery, ratted them out to police. However, by the time that happened, Jones already had murdered another man in Phoenix and was arrested in that case.

Including the two people Nordstrom killed in the robberies, Jones was convicted of seven murders, and received the death penalty for six of those. He was sentenced to life in prison for the Phoenix murder. Nordstrom's still on death row.

In addition to Jones' death sentences and life sentence, he was sentenced to years upon years of prison time for convictions related to the murders.

You can see all the information on Jones provided by the Arizona Department of Corrections on the next page:

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Now for Rinaldi, another"bad ass" woman killer


I would have pushed this POS with my own heel into a woodchipper. I would let a fly live longer. 

66rock topcommenter

Why in the world did we feed this mass killer for so many years.  The system sucks frankly.


Two categories of folks have a unique opportunity, the terminally ill and the condemned inmates on death row, both know their date with Jesus is approaching, can sincerely make peace, repent and all those whom hate them, despise them wish them ill will get no vote on their final destination! I am not pro-death penalty but a realist we have it not likely any time soon Jesus will get here to stand before the modern day Pharisee's who live for blood lust, vengeance, vendetta justice, as he did for the Adulteress who under the law of God and Man at the time deserved but one penalty stoning to death! I doubt anyone here on earth today is capable of casting that first stone, no not one!


Took an hour to find his vein....i know that is sort of torture but if anyone ever deserved to be torture it is this motherfucker....Scott hang yourself in your cell you pussy....think about that scared woman you shot in the back every day and realize your family will pay in many ways for your crime.That is sad but if they did a better job raising you ...oh well he'll with them too...

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

'Course now, there was a small number of people outside the prison protesting the execution. Cry not for this monster, folks. You could have been among the victims. The world is a much better place with him gone.

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