Purdue Pharma Offers Reward for Info on "Step Down Bandits"

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Purdue Pharma is offering a hefty reward of up to $5,000 for information on a pair of bandits who've been plaguing Valley drugstores.

The pair have struck seven "mom-and-pop" pharmacies between July 22 and October 21, according to Silent Witness. Bold and often sticking guns in the faces of employees, these bandits may not stop until they hurt someone -- and if you know, cha-ching!

Below is a list of the date, time and location of each heist to help jog your memory:

7/22/2013, 3:40pm, Rosy's Pharmacy, 1111 East Northern Ave, Phoenix
8/3/2013, 1:35pm, Camelback Pharmacy, 4416 East Camelback Rd, Phoenix
10/08/13 9:17am, MG Pharmacy, 4025 West Bell Rd, Phoenix
10/10/13, 10:42am, Arizona Pharmacy, 13991 West Grand Ave, Surprise
10/16/13, 11:50am, S&G Pharmacy, 3201 West Peoria Ave, Phoenix
10/21/13, 10:53am, Mack's Pharmacy, 3628 East Thomas Rd, Phoenix
10/21/13, 1:47pm, Civic Center Pharmacy, 7331 East Osborn Rd, Scottsdale

The guys are obsessed with oxycodone. Or they're impoverished caregivers helping an elderly relative. Here's how the robberies usually go down:

"The suspects enter the business and immediately demand oxycodone while pointing a handgun at the employees," police say. "In most cases the suspects have gone behind the counter and threatened the pharmacist. Once they obtain the oxycodone they exit the store."

Purdue Pharma makes oxycodone and other pain medications. The company's so huge, it could afford to pay a $634.5 million fine to the government levied in 2007 for misleading the public about oxycodone's potential to hook users -- users like, for instance, people who resort to crime to support their habit.

If you know these bandits from the pictures below, our advice is: don't settle for a penny less than the $5,000.

"If you have any information regarding this case please contact Silent Witness at 480 W-I-T-N-E-S-S, that's 480-948-6377, or toll free at 1-800-343-TIPS. You can also leave an anonymous tip on the silent witness website at silentwitness.org."




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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

It would be lots easier to ID the perps if the the video surveillance equipment was HD instead of the old standard definition. Those photos are just too grainy to make much out. Except that one of the perps is morbidly obese!


Ah, Purdue Pharma, the folks who invented Oxycontin (TM) are cranking out some PR. Is the "cartel" upset that their dealers are getting knocked over? Or, is it just an opportunity for some spin?

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