Pinal County Man Trying to "Scare" Girlfriend Accidentally Shoots Her Dead

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A Pinal County man tried to "scare" his girlfriend by pointing a gun at her and pulling the trigger.

There was a bullet in that gun, and the Pinal County Sheriff's Office says 20-year-old Ramiro Delcid accidentally shot his girlfriend right in the chest, killing her.

Delcid was sitting in his company work truck with his girlfriend Monday evening at a feed-supply company in Red Rock, which is between Eloy and Marana along Interstate 10.

He'd unloaded his .38-caliber pistol and planned to pull the trigger just to "scare" his girlfriend, but there still was one bullet in there.

His 19-year-old girlfriend, whose name wasn't released, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Delcid was booked into jail on a charge of negligent homicide.

Ramiro Delcid, and his truck.

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Flyer9753 topcommenter

fucking idiot...

yourproductsucks2 topcommenter

If there had not been a bullet in the chamber, this idiot would have been charged with agg assault- domestic violence, and since a gun was involved he would have to serve a mandatory prison sentence.

Since she died and he was charged with negligent homicide, he is probation eligible.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Negligent homicide? Not good enough. He did point the gun at the vic and pull the trigger. What he did was a conscious act. Don't be surprised if the charge gets upgraded to Murder II. One other thing. Is he a prohibited person?

valleynative topcommenter

We can't legally require training as a prerequisite to gun ownership, but we should be doing more to encourage everybody, and certainly every gun owner, to be trained.   I think each citizen should be entitled to a State tax credit toward the price of one gun safety class and the purchase of a gun safe (not the full cost of either).  It would help small businesses and maybe save a few lives.

Too many idiots learn how guns work from watching TV.  Imagine if they learned to drive by watching TV.

First you drop the magazine, then you rack the slide to empty the chamber.  Doing it in the other order leaves a round in the chamber.    If that isn't completely obvious to you, don't handle a loaded gun until it is clear.

yourproductsucks2 topcommenter

sad story. bad ending. God help the parents of the victim.


Accident or no accident he still did it so now he must be punished for murder.  Don't you agree?

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

"survival of the fittest" doesn't factor in stupidity...................if it did, Ramiro's would be the obit we would be reading not his girlfriends .           sad story

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

Are you serious? That's f-ed up

valleynative topcommenter

I guess I should point out that I didn't mention "don't point the damned thing at your girlfriend and pull the trigger to scare her even if you're really, really sure it's unloaded", because if you're that fucking stupid, there's no point in talking to you.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@robert_graham  are you so damn insecure that you have to imagine that people are defending this guys actions? why do you find it so difficult to comprehend conversations? please, show me one person on here defending the guy, even the article is critical of the guy and his actions. i dont know if all the stuff that has come up about your past is true or not, nor do i care, but your inability to follow a conversation are making the accusations of mental instability not only seem plausible, but factual. give it a rest. yes we understand the guy was hispanic and that you are going to eventually start trying to say that people think he should walk free because of that, but find me one person on here defending the guy before you do take that argument up

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