Phoenix Woman Snapped Pics of Other Women in Bathrooms "Throughout the Valley," Cops Say

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Bad news: Police say a woman secretly videotaped and took pictures of other women inside public restrooms across the Valley.

Worse news: Police say the woman then posted and/or sold the pictures and videos on the Internet.

Although Phoenix PD booked 37-year-old Linda Laibe into jail on 38 counts of voyeurism, police say detectives don't know the identities of many of the victims.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Trent Crump says the photos and videos were taken in restrooms "throughout the Valley."

Restroom locations include spots where many people have likely been since May, when Laibe allegedly started taking the photos.

Police list Chase Field, University of Phoenix stadium, a Rainforest Cafe, and Walmart stores among the places Laibe secretly snapped the photos and videos.

So, if you've ever seen the lady in the photo below in a bathroom, police ask that you call the Family Investigations Unit at 602-534-2121 and ask for Detective Curley.

Phoenix PD
Linda Laibe

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I just don't see how she got away with it for so long. Sticking a camera phone under the stall partition presumably wouldn't go unnoticed (I think). The market for such gross-me-out vids must be comprised of some really sick puppies. Imagine... the images of women (and underage girls?) sitting down on the pot and then finishing their business...! Yikes!


@eric.nelson745 i doubt she used a phone to take the pictures, there are hundreds of penny size cameras for sale. 

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