Man Who Calls Himself "Wild Bill" Lives Up to Name by Getting Naked, Pointing Gun at People

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There's little question as to how the local man who calls himself "Wild Bill" got that nickname.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, 47-year-old "Wild Bill" Iverson was wild as hell at the Canyon Lake campground, where he engaged in activities such as pointing weapons at other campers and getting butt-naked and asking people to snap some photos.

One camper told responding sheriff's deputies that Wild Bill came to his campsite, looking to engage in a fight. With no takers, Iverson pulled a knife on one of the campers and said he was going to kill him, according to the court documents.

Iverson eventually went toward his vehicle and got a gun. When another camper confronted him and asked him to leave everyone alone, Iverson pulled out the gun.

That camper walked away, but when he looked back, he saw Iverson pointing the gun at someone else's campsite, according to the documents. When deputies found Wild Bill, "heavily intoxicated," the gun was loaded, with a round chambered, the documents state.

More campers ended up coming forward and saying Iverson was just wildly pointing weapons all over the place and offering to fight people.

Before deputies could interview him, Wild Bill dropped his trousers, took off his underwear, and started urinating. He was in no rush to put his pants back on and instead started yelling at people to take his picture, according to the documents.

Iverson -- who told deputies that he works for Intel -- was arrested on two counts each of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, and threatening.

Unfortunately, this was the photo listed as Iverson's mugshot:


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you cops are a real piece of work .. slandering me .. posting crap .. but youre all just a pack of lackeys pulling a check while kissing the nwo proverbial crap hole

.. fu all..


wake up ..  youre all like a herd of idiot robots .. when are you gonna learn to think ? where are you gonna learn to conceive thoughts how are you gonna begin to have an original  concept .. where are you gonna learn to lead and not follow .. when are you gonna learn to stop lying to yourself and others ?  .. grow up the nwo is up youre butts ..


What a dumb arse! He's really lucky to be alive. 

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

ah alcohol. it can always find a way to liven up any situation cant it? i am a big time gun advocate, but even i cant find a reason where guns and alcohol ever mix. (even less reasoning for alcohol,guns and idiots mixing in any variation, but thank god the story didnt end as bad as it could have)


Can we change his nickname to Tricky Dick?


Why didn't another camper just put a bullet in bill and be done with the whole thing? I see people at the grocery store carrying guns, surely there was a prepared camper available to stop the imminent danger. When a crazy is pointing loaded guns, or knives at people, what more is needed to put the threat down?

valleynative topcommenter


For every person in the grocery store who you see carrying openly, there are 10 or 12 of us carrying concealed, but Canyon Lake Campsite has a "no guns" policy, so law-abiding citizens are unarmed.

Also, the shoot/don't shoot decision may not have been as clear as you imagine.


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