Levi Brown Trade Works Out; Former Cardinals Tackle Placed on Injured Reserve

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It's hard to believe that any Arizona Cardinals fan disapproved of the team trading away ever-struggling left tackle Levi Brown.

Now, that trade of Brown, a former top-10 pick, to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a late-round draft pick looks even better -- Brown was placed on injured reserve.

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According to the Steelers, Brown suffered a triceps injury.

Brown never played a single snap with the Steelers, after being traded from the Cardinals almost two weeks ago.

Turns out, our assumption was correct that Brown's trade value was on-par with a bag of stale Circus Peanuts.

Brown missed the entire 2012 season for the Cardinals with a torn triceps, but the announcement from the Steelers didn't mention if it was the same side, or the extent of the injury.

So what if Brown's replacement on the Cardinals, Bradley Sowell, gave up a sack in the endzone to the 49ers on Sunday? He's still not Levi Brown.

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Cardinals just lost their conditional draft pick.  The pick was on the condition Brown was active in 5 games.  Since he wont be, the Cards do not get the Steelers draft pick. 


Hendley is not a sports person, he just cuts and pastes from real journalists and adds his snarky ignorance.

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