Levi Brown Trade: Was It Worth It for the Arizona Cardinals?

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A kind of creepy Cardinals fan.

It turns out that the Arizona Cardinals get nothing in return for trading former top-10 pick Levi Brown to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Well, the Cardinals did get a team without Levi Brown, which can be seen as a good trade.

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The Steelers had announced that they acquired Brown in a trade for a conditional draft pick. That meant the round of the pick would depend on how much Brown sucked, or didn't suck.

However, Kent Somers reports a league rule that a player who spent the previous season on injured reserve, which would include Brown, that player needs to be on the new team's active roster for five weeks in order to get the compensation.

That didn't happen, since Brown's out for the year after hurting himself in pre-game warm-ups with the Steelers, before ever seeing a snap.

So the Cardinals don't get the pick.

Brown's salary still works against the Cardinals salary cap for next season, but the penalty is less than if Brown had stayed on the team, according to Somers' report.

So, even though the Cardinals receive absolutely nothing in exchange for Brown, the fifth overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft, do you think it's a good trade?

Cast your vote below:

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Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas

with levi out, palmer might finish the season... coach needs to use quick pass plays as WIZ did with warner.... with a crap line, get rid of the ball quickly, not have 7 step drops where the "D" runs through the "O" line like swiss cheese!! and this head coach is called the an "O" guru... more like dumbo!!

Cody Chamberlain
Cody Chamberlain

Haha damn LB still F'n us, seriously though good riddance!!

Aaron Sanchez
Aaron Sanchez

Yes, it was still worth it because we were going to cut him anyway. Cards couldn't have known he was going to blow out that tric again. Either way, he's off our payroll next year and the team can move on. Good luck Levi, respect from the birdgang.

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