Kyrsten Sinema's FAQ on the Government Shutdown

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Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema

With the government shutdown still ongoing, Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema's staff has compiled a list of some of what's operating and what's not.

Check out the list below, which includes some Arizona-related services:

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This is just a partial list, so call our office at 602-956-2285 for any other questions you might have related to the shutdown.

Since we opened our doors, we've been able help residents of the 9th District navigate important services, and we will continue to serve our community during the government shutdown.

For Veterans and Military

Are veterans still able to get healthcare?

Yes. The VA hospitals, clinics, and other health services will remain open.

Is military healthcare impacted?

While Tricare coverage is not expected to be immediately affected, military hospitals and health and dental clinics could be limited to treating active-duty military and only emergencies for other patients.

What happens to veterans receiving compensation for service- or combat-related wounds and injuries?

The Department of Veterans Affairs said the shutdown could stop distributing compensation and pension checks to more than 3.6 million veterans who rely on these benefits if the shutdown continues into late October.

Are other veterans' benefits impacted?

Pension, education, and vocational rehabilitation payments will continue at least through late October, but the programs could be suspended if the shutdown continues longer.

Are active-duty military furloughed?

No. All active-duty military are essential.

Are active-duty military paid during the shutdown?

The House passed legislation that would appropriate money for active-duty and reserve paychecks regardless of the shutdown, but the bill must be passed by the Senate. If the shutdown continues into next week, payroll might not be processed in time for the October 15 paychecks.

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and she thinks rodeo's should be illegal, WTF is she doing besides the mamby pamby work bought on by other lesbians while allowing ILLEGALS to trash Arizona's social ammenities?

mary rose wilcox and krysten sinema are the 2 fattest terds stinkin up the valley.


krysten quote as reported on the 10oclock news "oh my ,i'm going to enact legislation and create a law against cock fighting,,,"

so ya, the nitwit is not worthy of office.


krysten quote as reported on the 10oclock news,

 "oh my ,i'm going to enact legislation and create a law against cock fighting,,,"

so ya, the nitwit is not worthy of office.


Lets be Honest.


Prior to the creation of the so called "Department of Homeland Security", and the "Patriot Act" which gave them Communist Powers in our "Homeland" before the 30,0000 Spy Drones over America with Thermal Veiwing, and Laser Listening devices violating us all right inside the very so called Privacy of our American Homes America had a vast Surplus in our Budget?!!!

Our Founding Fathers would have lined up evey Peeping, Perverted Peice of trash in the Programs Spying on innocent Americans with their high tech Toys of Perversion that Hitler would have loved in front of a firing Squad!

Our "Real Troops" fought and Died to protect our Freedom, and Constitution from Tyrants like these!

This is why America's Budget is spiraling out of control, and must constantly be raised.

To: Liberty.


Personally, I appreciate the work she does.  Much more than your average freshman Congressional representative.  One thing she doesn't mention is that home loans that are affected.  Over on City Data people are posting that house closings have been canceled if government loans are involved.  People are being left in all kinds of disarray with their closing canceled and no idea when they can hold it.  And to listen to TV you'd think the only people who have problems are the ones who don't get to watch the Panda Cam.

Cozz topcommenter

What a fucking twit she is.


nice legs!!!....gggrrrrr!

I like articles from Sinema, always good pictures


WTH does she know ? Just another bought and paid for politician. peace


@Jukes I think you missed her answer under "For Federal Loans."  She states clearly that Federal loans for those buying a home are frozen.


@royalphoenix Since she's my rep, please help me understand who has bought and paid for her. Really, I'd like to know.

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