Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce, Tom Horne Lose (Again) on SB 1070, This Time On Harboring Provision

In the Arizona decision, the nation's highest court kicked to the curb three provisions of 1070 as being preempted by federal law. But it let stand section 2(b) --which requires cops to inquire after someone's immigration status following a stop under certain limited circumstances -- while allowing that the law could be challenged on other grounds after going into effect.

Remember when Pearce and others claimed 1070 was copacetic because all it did was "mirror" federal law?

Well, the Supreme Court has since held that -- faced with a comprehensive federal immigration scheme -- "even complementary state regulation is impermissible."

As a result, the Ninth Circuit, as well as other federal appeals courts, have found that, "the current federal scheme reserves prosecutorial power and thus discretion over harboring violations to federal prosecutors."

But Arizona's harboring law, unlike the federal harboring provision, does not provide an exception for "certain religious activities." So the law directly conflicts with the federal scheme.

Despite all this, what's the knee-jerk reaction of jerks Brewer and Horne?

Horne, according to local scribe Howie Fischer, has vowed to appeal.

Proving the old adage that you can tell a man from Harvard (where Horne got his degrees), but you cannot tell him much.

As for the guv, our x-ray tech-in-chief was appropriately confused.

"But what befuddles me is what do they expect our law enforcement officers to do?" Brewer asked rhetorically.

I dunno, Jan, maybe chase after some real criminals, like murderers, drug dealers, or criminally insane rapists like your son?

Sigh. So it goes in the Land Time Forgot, where brontosauruses forage among the cacti and pterodactyls haunt the night sky, outdoing each other with Jan Brewer impressions.

I should mention that though the Ninth's ruling "upheld" the District Court's preliminary injunction against the harboring provision, the effect, according to the ACLU's Dan Pochoda, is essentially that of a permanent injunction.

That is, unless our bumbling AG appeals and the Supreme Court overrules the Ninth.

Um, don't bet the double-wide on the latter.

So why my hellish admonition above toward Horne, Brewer, Coughlin (the guy who told Brewer to sign 1070), et al.?

'Cause these nudniks deserve some punishment for wasting money on 1070's hateful enterprise, this particular portion of which sought to put ministers and good Samaritans behind bars for giving undocumented parishioners and fellow children of god a place to sleep or ride to the supermarket.

Save for Pearce, they've all (so far) escaped earthly judgement for their sins, and likely will continue to do so. Though Horne's comeuppance may follow on the heels of the 2014 general election.

So, dearest Beelzebub, keep that whirlpool of hot lead fired up and waiting. And be careful, I hear Chuck Coughlin is gunning for your job.

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More like d THREE STOOGES, and entertaining as well.... although, these stooges r a trio of loosers of d same kind and 2 make things worse, all of them are alleged criminals: GLOOH GLOOH JAN, seems that she used her immunity 2 avoid getting a dwi ticket...Elmer horny toad, was involved in an alleged hit and run, witnessed by 2 FBI agents and he just got d standard procedure: a slap on d wrist......and TWOTIMES Russel, with a long rap sheet, but mainly an alleged wife beater, whose ass was handed 2 him twice BY HIS OWN CONSTITUENTS. THAT'S PATHETIC. 


Those a three hate mongering bigoted racist. All three with their Sec of State Ken Bennett are unfit to hold office  

Roger Morris
Roger Morris

You know when the lunatics are running your state when the 9th Circuit Courts challenges the literacy of a States AG and the fact that they actually read it aloud and really believed what they had written in legal type. Recorded it with courts with our money. That's what happens when you are ranked 47th in education.

john043012 topcommenter

So what , listening to the activists at yesterdays rally in Washington another 4oo thousand illegals have been deported this year. Although mixed messages are being sent out by the Obama administration like allowing illegals to demonstrate yesterday at the mall (even though its closed) and turning away vets and citizens form our memorials I.C.E. is doing what we are paying them to do ,, record breaking deportations for the last 4 years



I'll bet there will be tear stains on their pointy hats and white robes over this one.


If you guys really cared about our illegal aliens, you'd be doing what I do, telling them all about the fabulous benefit packages that California has waiting for them. California wants our illegals very badly and I'm happy to help put the two parties together for their mutual benefit.


If only we could void politicians for vagueness.

dennis20 topcommenter

Remember that Brewer vowed to not use tax dollars to fight for 1070. She started raising money to pay for the legal bills once it was challenged and the local mainstream media kissed her ass for doing it.  Have we ever received the financial reports on what money was actually used? 

Today, her JANPAC is raising mega dollars.  If she wants to keep fighting this,  the so called fiscally conservative republicans should stop being hypocrites and speak up. 

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Why the 9th didn't just void BS 1070 in light of Judge Snow's ruling in Melendres is surprising.

BS1070 is as I describe, bullshit!


"Unconstituionally vague, and nonsensical"

This pretty much sums up Arizona's whacko Nazi hugging G.O.P. band that currently runs our State.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@john043012 I bet you LOVE that when the GOP shutdown the government, one of the things that was shut down was E-Verify.  The ultra right is now making it EASY for illegals to get jobs!


For the Record:

January 2008 began the stsrt of the Hitler esque I.C.E. Deportation, and Incarceration Programs.

This was also the start of "The Worst Recession since the Great Depression."

This is our I.C.E.'d Economy.

I.C.E. "Put the Car in the Ditch." where it still lies stuck in this Ethnic Cleaansing Campaign.

Since January 2008:

Over One Hundred have died in I.C.E. Custody.

Over Thirteen Thousand have been Incarcerated for Years with out Charges.

Over Five Thousand Legal Citizen Children of Deported Parents are now in U.S. Foster Care.

Over Forty-two Thousand Human Beings now lay Dead at the Harsh U.S. Mexico Border /I.C.E. Dumping Grounds where Hundreds of THousands have been Dumped into a known Drug War with nothing, not even water to be Killed, or to Die of the Harsh Elements in the Desert.

Adolp Hitler would be very proud of each and every I.C.E. Bastard involved!

Shame on America to stand by and allow this Attrosity in our Homeland

Lets go fight Wars for Countries that Hate us while we treat Mothers, and Fathers of our own Citizen Children as less than Dogs!

Be Proud America.!

To: Good, and Brotherhood from Sea to shining Sea.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@john043012 Why are you so critical of Obama when he's doing your bidding by deporting more illegals than Dubya ever dreamed of doing?



Hope they don't cry hard enough to put out thier burning cross.

That would be embarrassing for the G.O.P.


@justtryingtohelp, i bet that ur relatives and john's r already there, probably scaming those u call "illegals", promising them those fabulous packages. BTW what does those packages consists of.....could it b fake paperwork allowing them 2 get benefits, driver's licenses, BCs,...? It's very suspiscious that u r "justtryiyngtohelp". I KNOW WHAT U MIGHT B TRYING 2 DO.

john043012 topcommenter

@justtryingtohelp I cannot see any reason why the illegals would put themselves in harms way every day by living in Arizona when California wants them.

john043012 topcommenter

@DNichols Its the Feds who are deporting the illegals at a record pace I think over 400 thousand this year alone

john043012 topcommenter

@DNichols Typical liberal rant ,blame America first. And by the way Lemmons and his ilk of which I am sure your one of them are always telling anyone who will listen punishing illegal immigrants is only to be done by the feds they are the only ones to enforce illegal immigration laws well I.C.E is a federal agency, deal with it.


@john043012, damn dude, fucking feds eh!!!......i can not fucking understand why r they deporting all those "illegals", can u understand? IMO, that's the CLOWN SHURF'S job, he's probably loosing lots of money; wouldn't u agree johny boi. HA HA HA HA HA. BTW, how's GIN JAN GLOOH GLOOH BREWSKY doing?

john043012 topcommenter

@Flyer9753 I,C,E hasn't been furloughed nor has the border patrol , e-verify is a computer generated service, businesses can still log on 83% of our government is still  working

Flyer9753 topcommenter

@john043012 @WhoKnows 

What's the matter Johnny?? Why aren't you complaining about how your party is allowing all these illegals in now that the they closed the govt. and how now all those illegals, that were were deporting faster than your party ever did, can now take all our jobs since YOUR party shut down the govt. Truth hurts huh...

Hypocrite much Johnny??? (rhetorical questions, we already know you are)

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