Grand Canyon Open (For Now)

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Grand Canyon NPS via Flickr
Governor Jan Brewer payin' the bills.

The Grand Canyon was reopened this weekend, after it was closed for nearly two weeks due to the federal government shutdown.

The state and the National Park Service came to an agreement for the state to fund operations of the park -- for seven days.

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Come this weekend, the park could be closed again.

Here's the explanation provided by Governor Jan Brewer's office:
Under the agreement negotiated by Governor Brewer, the state will pay the National Park Service $651,000 - $93,000 per-day - to reopen Grand Canyon and fully fund park operations for up to at least seven days using state and other monies. The State of Arizona urges its congressional delegation to secure reimbursement of all state dollars used to reopen Grand Canyon. The state will continue to assess next steps if the federal shutdown has not ended in those seven days.
Other states have made similar arrangements, offering to pay for the parks and monuments in those states to be reopened for a matter of days.

So, if you want to make a sure trip to the Grand Canyon, you'd better get there by Saturday.

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Since Arizona is footing the bill for the operation of the park, will the park still collect admission fees? The Feds wouldn't double dip at Arizona's expense, would they?


I think Congress should take a "Field Trip" to the Grand Canyon and see if the Mule Wranglers could find a use for 432 Useless Jack Asses?!!

To: Liberty.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Why on Earth would the federal govt want to reimburse AZ? Jus' axin'. 

Ps. Here we have an example of how a red state gets more back that it gives to Uncle Sam. Namely, the tourism bucks. And the three major military installations. And the Interstates and the....

valleynative topcommenter


Because it's a federal park.   If they want to cede the park back to Arizona, then they wouldn't have to reimburse us for running it for them.

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