Gary Husk, Ex-Lobbyist, Charged With Felonies in Alleged Campaign-Contribution Scheme

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Former prosecutor-turned-lobbyist Gary Husk has been charged with eight felonies in an alleged campaign-contribution scheme.

"In the course of a separate high-profile investigation, prosecutors discovered that over more than four years Gary Husk and his company directed its employees and in some cases, their spouses, to make contributions to various political campaigns with the promise of reimbursement," says a statement from Attorney General Tom Horne's office. "Once the contributions were made, the employees were reimbursed from Husk Partners, Inc. or directly from Gary Husk, which often coded the reimbursements under the firm's account as an 'office expense.'"

That "separate high-profile investigation" is undoubtedly the Fiesta Bowl, an organization for which Husk was a lobbyist. During that time, the organization's CEO John Junker was hit with very similar charges. Junker eventually pleaded guilty to a charge in the case.

The contributions from Husk's employees, which prosecutors allege were made from 2007 to 2010, weren't exactly going to people on one side of the political spectrum.

The grand jury indictment alleges contributions were made to lefties like Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, and righties like ex-Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

The AG's office says there's no indication that any of the campaigns had any idea of Husk's alleged scheme.

You can check out the indictment for yourself on the next page.

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Send him to prison.  Dirty republicans.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

The former prosecutor should be disbarred and sent to prison and take Junker along with him. Romley's zero tolerance policy should prevail for his client, Husk.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

Among other serious issues....

Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce, Tom Horne Lose (Again) on SB 1070, This Time On Harboring Provision
DNichols2 days ago

"For the Record:

January 2008 began the stsrt of the Hitler esque I.C.E. Deportation, and Incarceration Programs.

This was also the start of "The Worst Recession since the Great Depression."

This is our I.C.E.'d Economy.

I.C.E. "Put the Car in the Ditch." where it still lies stuck in this Ethnic Cleaansing Campaign.

Since January 2008:

Over One Hundred have died in I.C.E. Custody.

Over Thirteen Thousand have been Incarcerated for Years with out Charges.

Over Five Thousand Legal Citizen Children of Deported Parents are now in U.S. Foster Care.

Over Forty-two Thousand Human Beings now lay Dead at the Harsh U.S. Mexico Border /I.C.E. Dumping Grounds where Hundreds of THousands have been Dumped into a known Drug War with nothing, not even water to be Killed, or to Die of the Harsh Elements in the Desert.

Adolp Hitler would be very proud of each and every I.C.E. Bastard involved!

Shame on America to stand by and allow this Attrosity in our Homeland

Lets go fight Wars for Countries that Hate us while we treat Mothers, and Fathers of our own Citizen Children as less than Dogs!

Be Proud America.!

To: Good, and Brotherhood from Sea to shining Sea."

Flyer9753 topcommenter

Term limits on ALL elected positions ASAP and KILL THE LOBBYISTS

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