Driver in Fatal Phoenix Crash Had Blood-Alcohol Level Four Times the Legal Limit

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A man who crashed his car into a tree and a wall on the side of Interstate 10 earlier week, killing one passenger and injuring another, was extremely drunk, according to police.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, 34-year-old Edwin Hurt had a blood-alcohol level of .317, which is just about four times the so-called legal limit of .08.

There was no other vehicle involved in the crash, which happened near the 83rd Avenue exit on I-10 Sunday night.

One passenger was killed from head trauma, and the other passenger had skull fractures, rib fractures, a punctured lung, and one arm amputated.

Hurt was officially arrested at a hospital yesterday, on five felony and five misdemeanor charges.

Police also found Xanax in the center console of the vehicle -- which Hurt didn't have a prescription for -- although court documents don't indicate whether police believe he was under the influence of the Xanax as well.

According to court documents, police checked out Hurt's Facebook page, and found photos of him throwing back multiple alcoholic beverages at a restaurant/bar that he'd uploaded before the car crash. Those photos have since been deleted from his Facebook profile.

Hurt has prior convictions for DUI, drugs, assault, contempt of court, "etc.," according to court documents.

He's been transported to the Fourth Avenue Jail.

Edwin Hurt

Read the court filings on the next page:

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What is it with Latrinos and drunk driving?  They do it so often with predictable results.


Edwin Hurt? Naw I think its Paco Killed an innocent


Let's not forget the identity theft!   Edwin Hurt lives in Wichita, Kansas!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

It hasn't happened yet but the death penalty may be appropriate in this case. And I have said many times that I oppose it.

yourproductsucks2 topcommenter

this is a perfect example of why more dui details are necessary. this loss of life is unnecessary.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@trenchtowntito  by all means lets crucify the guy for what he did, but lets try to refrain from imagining he is guilty of other crimes. where does it mention identity theft? i dont know where you came up with the info that Edwin Hurt lives in Wichita, but a little further research will show you that there are probably more than one Edwin Hurt. if identity theft was one of the crimes they probably would have mentioned it also, or at least have thrown that charge in there also

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