Christine Jones Is a Necrophilia (Law) Expert Who Believes in the "Rudy Syndrome"

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Before she landed at Go Daddy, the company that made her famous, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones co-wrote an important article on necrophilia law.

The candidate who made headlines last week after the media discovered her 2004 DUI also publishes a lot, we found, on a blog she keeps called "The Rudy Syndrome." There, you'll find interesting entries, like her annual predictions for the years 2009-2013 and a pro-SOPA essay that drew the anger of many Go Daddy customers.

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Jones' interest in necrophilia law came while she was a student at California's Whittier Law College in 1997. With assistant professor Tyler Ochoa, Jones wrote "Defiling the Dead: Necrophilia and the Law," which focused on why necrophilia should be a felony.

The paper's a fun read, if you like that sort of thing. It starts off with the tale of a couple of burglars who in 1995 broke into the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, stole some computer chips, and had sexual intercourse with two female corpses. The men were charged only for the theft because California had no law against necrophilia at the time, the article says.

In short, the 41-page paper lobbies for a stronger necrophilia law than one that had been floated in the California Legislature the year before the paper was written.

"Because our society is generally outraged by the notion of sexual contact with dead
bodies, the Legislature should take advantage of the opportunity before more individuals engage in the legal defilement of human remains," the paper concludes.

Photoshop: New Times
Christine Jones (face)
As can be seen online, the current California law adopted the wording suggestion made by Jones and Ochoa to include not just obvious sexual behavior but any "sexual contact" with the dead intended to arouse the perpetrator.

In 2004, then-Governator Schwarzenegger signed the bill that made necrophilia a felony.

"Indeed, the crime raises many questions, according to a widely cited 1997 Whittier Law Review article by Tyler Ochoa and Christine Jones," says a 2006 article about strengthening the '04 law in California's Capitol Weekly news site. "How broadly do you define the 'victim?'"

Necrophilia's a felony in Arizona, we learned from the State Legislature's website. But it appears our law doesn't go as far as Jones would have liked. Perhaps she'll do something about that if elected governor next year.

Speaking of things that might happen, we can't wait to see "The Rudy Syndrome's" predictions for 2014.

"The Rudy Syndrome" is a website and personal blog started by Jones in 2007. She apparently came up with the title and made-up syndrome. To Jones, the syndrome is the condition of failing to utilize your talents. In that sense, then, the blog is actually about avoiding The Rudy Syndrome. Possibly, the blog is a tool for Jones, more than anyone else, so she can repress her inner slacker.

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Wow. I see the left's war on (conservative) women is alive and well on this rag of a website... 

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

It sure does seem more and more unlikely that Ms Jones will be successful in her quest for guv. That said, go to YouTube's vid of Alice Cooper's I Love The Dead.

david_saint01 topcommenter

@eric.nelson745 lol the irony with her candidacy is pretty rich...after all the rights talk here in AZ about how "california this and that" they want to run a lady from Cali for gov

valleynative topcommenter

@david_saint01 @eric.nelson745  

Seriously?  The right "wants to run her"?  Where the hell did you get that?

Could you at least try to open your mind just a bit?

She declared her own candidacy.   Blaming "the right" for every stupid thing any Republican does is nothing short of bigotry.

valleynative topcommenter

@Jukes @valleynative @david_saint01 @eric.nelson745  

It won't be Brewer, since she's already served more than one term and so can't be elected again.  Nearly everybody on "the right" and/or belonging to the GOP understands that.  The few crackpots who don't (which may include Brewer) won't gain any significant traction.

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