Chandler Man in Stolen Truck Says He's Not a Car Thief, Just a Meth Dealer

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A Chandler man accused of stealing a pickup truck insists he's no car thief.

In fact, according to court documents obtained by New Times, 25-year-old Robert Bryson told police he only "slings dope."

The 24 bags of meth police allegedly found him with seem to support that claim.

Robert Bryson
According to court documents, an undercover detective saw Bryson getting into the truck, which was confirmed as being stolen.

The detective and other patrol officers tried to pull him over, but Bryson ended up hitting the undercover officer's vehicle, before running and getting arrested after a "short foot pursuit," the documents state.

That's when police found those 24 bags of meth, which Bryson claimed were worth about $5 each.

According to an officer's probable-cause statement, "Suspect also stated he is not a car thief he only 'slings dope.'"

Police note that Bryson just recently completed a six-year prison sentence for drug sales.

Bryson told police he was just going to use the truck to go grocery shopping, before he planned to "ditch" it.

In the history of bad excuses, Bryson's places somewhere just below the woman from an infamous COPS segment, who claimed that she doesn't sell crack -- she's just a prostitute:

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valleynative topcommenter

Nobody likes to think that they're a bad guy, just a little rebellious and misunderstood by society.

Those guys that do other crimes are the bad guys.

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