CBS 5 Found Bigfoot Again

Next on CBS 5: A leprechaun leaves a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

CBS 5 is once again showing purported video of Bigfoot, which is remarkable, considering Bigfoot doesn't exist.

Looks like the local TV news crew that claims to be "telling it like it is" got abducted by aliens again.

Here's the thing -- there's one rule to showing purported Bigfoot evidence. You either bring in Bigfoot himself on a leash, or go f*** yourself.

That's it. One rule. You don't have him on a leash, then keep hunting until you have something to bring back on a leash. We'll all buy you a beer and give you a pat on the back for bringing in Bigfoot on a leash. Then you can be on the local news.

However, if you're a seasoned CBS 5 viewer, you already knew Bigfoot existed, since the news crew reported earlier this year that the big ape's toenail was found right here in Arizona.


Of course, CBS 5 viewers are also led to believe that chupacabras -- little (imaginary) monsters that suck blood from goats by the pint -- have been roaming the Valley for years now.

Also, aliens sometimes drive their spacecraft over Phoenix.

Now, if CBS 5 would just do some real public-service journalism and tell me how to expel the bogeyman from under my bed, I'd appreciate it.

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dennis20 topcommenter

This is something Sheriff Arpaio and his cold case posse should get on right away.  Who is better at solving a problem that doesn't exist? 





I keep telling them that that's not bigfoot, it's Jan Brewer running around naked and drunk in the desert again.

The gutteral sounds it makes are just her trying to say Tuskegee.


Now that put a smile on my face!  Funny stuff, that pesky liberal media is at it again trying to discredit god fearing big foot everywhere.


@shadeaux14 Just reading your post and visualizing what you described will likely give me nightmares for weeks. 

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