Carmen Fischer, Phoenix Attorney and Wife of New Mexican Mafia Honcho Angel Garcia, Arrested on 47 Counts

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It's been a blue moon or two since I gave much thought to Phoenix attorney Carmen Fischer, wife of Angel Garcia, imprisoned honcho of the New Mexican Mafia, an Arizona prison gang that takes its name from the more notorious, California-based eMe, or Mexican Mafia.

But along comes a press release Friday afternoon from the Pinal County Attorney's Office, announcing that Fischer, like her already imprisoned hubby, is now behind bars, facing 47 counts, including fraud, money laundering, and using a wire for a drug or organized crime offense.

According to the release, seven agencies working in concert arrested Fischer and four other women Friday, in an indictment that also hit Garcia -- currently cooling his heels in a Florence prison -- with 159 counts ranging from drug crimes and money laundering to solicitation of murder and assisting a criminal street gang.

The release states, in part, that:

Angel Garcia's indictment accuses him of being a validated member and leader within a large prison gang, with gang-related ties spanning back to 1995. The document continues to allege Garcia directed drug sales, extortion, fraud, money laundering and homicide while in federal and state prison, and used other gang members and associates to facilitate these offenses.

Fischer is identified in her charging document as practicing criminal law in Phoenix since the 1980's and defended several gang cases prior to representing Angel Garcia. With Fischer's abilities and access to information, the indictments accuse Garcia of feigning affection for her and asked her to marry him, which she did in July of 2011. Her indictment states that before and after they married, Fischer deposited thousands of dollars into Garcia's prison accounts.

PCAO spokesman Jim Knupp told me that Fischer was arrested by the MCSO, which currently has custody of the woman. However, Pinal County will be pursuing the charges against her.

New Mexican Mafia gang member Angel Garcia, and his wife, Phoenix attorney Carmen Fischer...

Regarding the other four women charged with 102 similar counts, the release paraphrases the indictment, with words that might apply to Fischer herself, if she's found guilty:

"Public records indicate the other four, Rosio Robles Gonzales, Oralia L. Garcia, and Tanya Garcia-Ochoa, of Phoenix, and Rosemary Ann Garcia, of Bisbee, are believed to be female associates within the gang. Their indictments state female associates are commonly used to facilitate the collection, holding and distribution of money, assist in the packaging and shipment of drugs and contraband, pass and forward mail and messages and often act as go-betweens conducting some gang business to better shield it from law enforcement."

(Other news outlets have identified these women as Garcia's girlfriend, mother, sister and ex-wife, respectively.)

Way back in 2011, I first reported on how Fischer had turned Mexican Mafia moll, marrying her client Garcia while he was in a federal pen in Inez, Kentucky, doing time on a weapons conviction.

She was 56, he was 32.

Garcia's rap sheet includes a drive-by shooting, various gang-related and drug charges as well as charges stemming from his involvement in a car chase that led to a Phoenix cop being shot through the neck.

In 2011, I noted that that, "law enforcement sources believe Garcia, doing time in an Arizona pen for a prison assault and facing state charges of money-laundering and running drugs, has ordered as many as 10 people whacked (though he never has been charged with these crimes)."

When I wrote about the Garcia-Fischer romance, Garcia had been returned to Arizona to do time for charges here.

The marriage had an almost instant impact on Fischer's career, with the U.S. District Court for Arizona dropping her name from a list of lawyers who are paid by the feds to represent indigent clients.

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Mike Madden
Mike Madden

This is what happens when you meth around!


Dirty mexicans and the people who love them, a perfect subject for the new times.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Hey! Maybe she'll join Candy Andy and the Miscreants.

Lisa's in hiding.

Rachel fled after messing up her appeal.

Candy Andy's off his meds again and has deluded himself into believing he'll win the Governor's Office.

TommyCollins topcommenter

.....which made the local TV news (natch).

Or should it have been '(s)natch', I wonder?


This creature is almost as ugly as stephen lemons, they both love illegal mexicans... they should get together for a jailhouse romance, get a few conjugal visits out of the way and pump out some sideshow freaks.

TommyCollins topcommenter

@steprightupfolks Garcia isn't illegal, by the way. He is a citizen criminal. That should make you feel better, right?


@phucu420 Beaten. I was just going to say, looks like he found himself a criminal attorney.

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