Can the Arizona Cardinals Actually Finish the Season With a Winning Record?

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If you've watched the Arizona Cardinals this year, you know it hasn't been pretty.

However, the Cardinals have a winning record right now(just like they did last year, after a 4-0 start ended with a 5-11 record on the season).

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The offense looks downright pathetic at some times, but that doesn't really matter, if the team still wins.

After the Cardinals' win on Sunday over the Panthers, the team has a 3-2 record. There are only two teams with a better record than the Cards -- New Orleans, at 5-0, and Seattle, at 4-1. Only three other teams match the Cardinals with a 3-2 record.

New Times readers actually have a good history of predicting the Cardinals' record. Last year at mid-season, when the team was 4-4, almost half of our readers said the Cardinals would only win either one or two of the next eight games. They were correct.

Let's see if the readers can do it again. Will the Cardinals finish this season with a winning record?

Cast your vote below:

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Even the Broncos have to depend on certain people staying healthy.  Which doesn't seem like a sure bet for any team this year.  But with 11 games left, I'd say only five are likely losers with the current team in place.  Which keeps them in the win column.  I'm saying 9-8.  That would be a big improvement over last year.  Having spent many years in Pittsburgh, I'm an Arians fan.

Nothing to be embarrassed about so far.  When they lost to the Saints, did anyone know for sure how good the Saints would turn out to be?

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