Border Patrol, Tucson Police Department Battle Protesters: A Preview of "Shut Down ICE" Day in Phoenix

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Should you need to get anywhere fast on the afternoon of Monday, October 14, you may want to avoid driving near Central Avenue and McDowell Road.

That's because the local human rights organization Puente and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network are promising to "shut down" the Phoenix offices of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at 2305 N. Central Avenue, beginning with a march from Margaret T. Hance Park to ICE around noon.

See, President Obama is closing in on a record 2 million deportations since he took office, and Latinos and pro-immigration activists, many of whom voted for the guy, are pissed.

Read more about Puente's planned shutdown of ICE, and events leading up to October 14.

If you remember the anti-ICE civil disobedience this August in Phoenix, with DREAMers blocking a deportation bus from leaving ICE HQ, you can expect something similar.

According to ThinkProgress, the removal of the undocumented is considered, "Law enforcement necessary for safety of life and protection of property."

So presumably, those busses will keep running during the federal government's closure.

I called ICE's local PIO Amber Cargile for a comment, only to discover that she has been furloughed because of the budget crisis as of the beginning of October.

Activists link arms in attempt to keep the cops and the BP at bay

South of us, the U.S. Border Patrol remains active, as is demonstrated by this video and reports of a spontaneous protest by activists after the Tucson Police Department called the Border Patrol following a routine traffic stop.

The Tucson Weekly reports the following:

Local Tucson Police Department (TPD) officers called Border Patrol on a worker and a loving father--Agustin and Arturo-- Tuesday evening for a minor traffic stop. In response to this SB 1070 injustice, community members surrounded the Border Patrol vehicle locked in arms in order to protest the detention of Agustin and Arturo. The Border Patrol agents rushed-in to break the non-violent circle. About 20 TPD cars and 15 Border Patrol vehicles arrived to the scene. Agents pushed elderly women, threatened youth with tasers, shot people with rubber bullets, and pepper-sprayed community members.

Furthermore, Border Patrol interrogated random people on the sidewalk and took community leader Rosa Leal, even after she showed agents an Arizona driver's license. They also handcuffed and detained local activist Mari Galup.

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Shameful excuse for journalism.   You political position is made clear by how you report the 'facts', twisting them to meet your comentary.   Google the phrase 'propaganda'. 

Joseph Goebbels could have taken lessons from 'our media...

Cozz topcommenter

Fuck the Border Patrol, nothing but Nazi bastards is all they are.

dennis20 topcommenter

BP and Tucson PD have been working together terrorizing people long enough. The more people do this sort of thing, the harder it is for them to continue.  Props to the people.



They are just doing their jobs. If you have issues, address them with the people who make the decisions in DC.

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