Better Place to Live: Tempe or Scottsdale?

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Dru Bloomfield via Flickr
A shot of the McDowell Mountains, from somewhere in Scottsdale.

One analysis says Tempe and Scottsdale are among the top 100 places to live in the United States., using a number of factors, ranked Tempe 43rd, and Scottsdale 89th.

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Although Tempe's more than 40 spots higher, we'll let some people decide who know the Phoenix area pretty well -- New Times readers.

There's already been some debate over the Tempe/Scottsdale rankings.

According to one totally objective reader e-mail, "Tempe is way cooler than Scottsdale! All the hip folks live in Tempe all the folks trying to buy themselves hipness live in Scottsdale."

So, using your entirely subjective opinion, which place do you think is probably a better place to live: Tempe or Scottsdale?

Cast your vote below:

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Tempe by far one reason Scottsdale P.D. enough said.

66rock topcommenter

Either one would be better than Mesa.  Sure wish we could get a buyer for this house and get out of dullsville. 

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

If both places weren't blazing hot 6 months out of the year, they'd rank lots higher, I'm sure. Heck, Laveen and Cashion might even be on he list!


Tempe represents!

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