Arizona May Be Affected by Government Shutdown More Than Most States

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An attempt to find out how states are being impacted by the government shutdown, one calculation finds Arizona is among the states that will feel it the most., a website started by a former Capital One higher-up, estimates that Arizona's the 15th-most affected state in the country.

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This ranking took into account the number of federal workers, federal contracting dollars, small business lending, the weight of real estate on a state's economy, Social Security payments, student aid applications, and veterans in each state.

Obviously, this isn't a perfect analysis. For one, Social Security payments haven't been affected up to this point.

Also, the analysis doesn't take into account tourism surrounding national parks. Tourism to the state is a bit different without the Grand Canyon.

However, many of these factors are pretty legitimate things to look at. For example, there are only three states where real estate is a higher percentage of a state's economic output.

So, the shutdown will affect things in Arizona, and according to this analysis, more than most other states.

Check out WalletHub's details here.

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the biggest office that should be shut down and save government money is the Arizona state board of nursing.

IF anyone thinks the medical board is a shame they need to look into this group of people running this. And they say they are doing it for the public??? 

very sad state of affairs for nurses , accused of sticking up for patients, these nurses are the ones you want but the board of nursing puts them on probation, so they cant work. Why is the board putting them out of work when they have done nothing wrong!!!

who is watching this group. ??? When they cant find anything that will stand up in court they order psych evals. the members of the board need psychological evaluations. ! Who would want them for a nurse? or even to work for the state?

valleynative topcommenter

@truthseekeraz You should make an effort to understand what it is that conservatives actually dislike about the federal government.  When they stick to their Constitutional role, the federal government is a good thing.  When they overstep their authority, that's when people complain.


@truthseekeraz. You and I are thinking the same thing.  I find it ironic that a state with lawmakers such as the ones in AZ who can't stop talking about how much they hate the federal government are now finding out how much the federal government does for the state, and they're missing it. 

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